GTA Online: minus 50% on VIP services

GTA Online: minus 50% on VIP-services
GTA Online this week, you can enlist the support of well-known characters. They will provide support from the air, will provide the necessary transport, will help "hide" and to solve other problems. For support, contact with one of the allies on the "Roadside Assistanse". Only until September 7, the cost of their services will be reduced by 50%.

Recall that earlier for the use of their services, the rank of the player had to meet a certain level. This restriction was temporarily removed. To use all kinds of services should be only one condition - the player needs to take a call from each contact. Consider the main types of assistance provided by each ally.

  • Brucie. With its help, you can get a unique opportunity to increase the damage of offensive actions of the character twice. Also 2 times will be reduced damage received by the player.
  • Lamar. Contact him to send to the enemy of a professional burglar. He'll take care of the relief purse your enemies and competitors.
  • Lester is one of the most respected criminals in Los Santos. He could convince the police to close their eyes to the actions of a character within a short period of time or to reduce the level of public threats character. Lester easily find players required ground and air transportation. If you need help to use the radar to determine the location even disguised enemies. Remuneration Lester was reduced from GTA $ 1000 to GTA $ 500.
  • Pegasus. Now you can easily get transport from Pegasus Lifestyle with delivery convenient for the player location on the map.
  • Merryweather. Access to military support became even cheaper. A player may use all available military services, and to obtain recommendations for strengthening their own security. In particular, may have access to additional munitions, preservation of the helicopter when the sudden death of the main character. Also, the user can order an airstrike on the enemy forces. It will be most effective when simultaneous attack from land and air.
To obtain the above services at a reduced cost enough to find the desired phone number in the Contacts and make a call up to 7 digits.

GTA Online: minus 50% on VIP-services

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2014-09-02 03:46:16

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