Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14

Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14
At the end of August the 10 best Verified Jobs to GTA Online. New missions are technically considered race, jobs for the seizure of objects and areas of value. Players were made available two new match Deathmatches, in which it is impossible to avoid bloodshed.

Code 13-91 from XXChaosiumXX91

The race is designed for tech-savvy drivers. Maximum number of participants is 16. They will have to overcome a loop route that goes through the center of the city, gradually passing on a straight stretch of road. On the road there are many winding and narrow sections, jumps.

Urban Jungle from Ashtargalactic

The battle in the spirit Deathmathes are in the southern part of Los Santos. Battlefield opponents - storey house and yard area. Due to the limited space to avoid melee will fail. One of the best locations for ambushes are the roofs of the houses.

Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14


Developers race recommended to overcome it in "contactless" mode. The path of the riders will be built around the Redwood Lights and desert Grand Senora. The skills brake can help beat opponents precious seconds and victory.

Brand''s Snatch from Seekrit Chimp

Race is a continuation of the famous series of missions of the author focused on realistic action and route. He runs through the southern San Andreas. Wide and relatively straight trail allows you to gain maximum speed.

Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14

Hold: Operation Interrupt from SoWhack

The main goal for the opposing teams to grab the bags of drugs seized in Paleto Bay. Capture and asset protection complicates not only the other team, but police outfits that vigilantly watching law and order.

Hit The Apex from ZigMeister666

The race route is laid around Vinewood. The city's beauty and wildlife acquires quite a different appearance at high speeds. Watching the surroundings, the probability of departure steep turns. Braking will allow you to avoid a ridiculous loss.

Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14

Rail Yard, Railed Out from Jakeperiphery

The match in style Deathmathes arranged on the railroad. Opposing teams appear on different sides of the railway tracks and the composition of the loaded metal containers. The most dangerous is the crossroads. It is wiser to wait for action from opponents, and send the sniper on the roof of the nearest building.

That's What She Said from Kalweiser

The route for the riders not very colorful. Maximum speed will interfere with many obstacles, among which the railroad tracks, cars, gas cylinders and industrial waste.

Mission GTA Online: updates from 27.08.14

Raid: Claustrophobia from DezeWevos

The mission of Claustrophobia is a real hell for players who terribly afraid of heights. The action takes place on an elevated stage. Any misstep can lead to death. Testing of the mission showed that the opponents will not experience shortages of ammunition, however, better health care and to choose the optimal strategy of the game.

Tittie Twister from xHumbleRx

Riders will have to overcome a 4 mile for a limited time. Thinking only about the time and forgetting about the caution, it is easy to fly beyond the road on many slopes. Useful would be extreme driving skills and the ability to quickly make the right decisions.

Above 10 Verified Jobs "close" August 2014. The following works will be selected in early September. The chance to be among the leaders have all players. Just send the author's work to email Rockstar Mouthoff.

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