Update GTA Online: flight school

Update GTA Online: flight school
GTA Online opened a "school of flying" - San Andreas Flight School. Each player, regardless of experience, will be able to test my abilities. Specially activated 10 new missions. They will allow beginners and professional pilots to demonstrate their skills to the limit and acquire useful skills.

As a training aircraft selected Western Besra. Pilots will have to play better, to Excel in the art of combat maneuvering and colorful air turns.

After you complete the main mission players can descend to the earth and to unite as a team to move into a new 16-bed Buckingham Mil-Jet.

If the original plans went awry and there were problems during the flight, it may be useful to reserve parachute. It is not only insurance, but also will organize a colorful appearance in the landing zone.

Developers update "school of driving in GTA Online have taken care of the style clothes for brave pilots. Became available heroic flight suits, updated parachute bags and other exclusive items of clothing, positively allocating pilots among other players.

Update GTA Online: flight school
Without active opposition teams and individual players. In one mission, players are provided a laser installation P996 to capture, protect the checkpoint flag. In G-Rating users have to demonstrate agility in the process of flight and collect 15 flags to gain the final victory. In the third mission of the Air Force Zero must be protected from the attacking team an airplane flying in the safe zone.

The team had a great opportunity to demonstrate their superiority in the struggle for the best results in each of the new missions of GTA Online.

Update GTA Online: flight school
Update San Andreas Flight School freely downloaded using gaming platform PS3, Xbox 360 online. In addition to the above, in the update 1.16 included a number of other innovations. In particular, bonuses GTA $ and RP balanced to contact missions on the highest difficulty level. This means that during the passage of a more complex game modes, the user will get more rewards. When you start the mission remuneration GTA $ will not be reduced.

The full list of updates published on the Rockstar support site in English.

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2014-08-27 08:19:11

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