Mission GTA Online: war in heaven

GTA Online Mission: war in heaven
GTA Online was added 16 additional missions. They include skydiving, race mode "VS" and many other jobs with an intriguing storyline. Along with this published a separate list of jobs within the pack "Flight school". Participation will allow the winners to get double RP bonuses.

Contact mission Chop Chop, Effin Lazers users are admitted by invitation. Upon reaching the desired level on the phone the player will receive a call from that contact. The details below.

GTA Online Mission: war in heaven

Chop Chop

Contact person : Trevor. To participate users with a minimum grade 43. The maximum number of players - 2.

In the story missions are increasing worries about the appearance in the city air force Merryweather Security. Players have to go to the airfield, to hack into Merryweather, pick up the helicopters and to engage in subversive activities.

Effin Lazers

Contact person : Martin. Involved 2 players with a rank not less than 44.
Players will take part in the air battle for valuable cargo, owned by large corporations. Due to the limited time will be invaluable experience in the use of laser weapons.

GTA Online Mission: war in heaven

Airstrip (grade 11, from 1 to 8 players)

Skydiving is arranged in the vicinity of the aerodrome McKenzie. Reset paratroopers performed from a height of 4300 feet, offering beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Branching Out (rank 20, from 1 to 8 players)

Route riders laid from the sea to the mountain tops. On the way will meet the tourists, the cannibals, the sectarians. Many dangerous turns must be overcome on mount Chilliad. Magnificent overview of the world in Raton canyon.

Flying Colors (grade 12, 1-8 players)

Circular air race is organized around the Eastern part of Blaine County. The maximum speed can be developed, flying high above the sea. During the competition, players will be able to demonstrate their skills in higher aerobatics, leaving opponents chance to win.

GTA: Wingmen (grade 1, 2-8 players)

Starting point - Fort Zancudo and the Sandy Shores airfield. The main objective is to deliver collectible airplanes Buckingham to the endpoint. For both defensive and offensive uses high-precision laser guns.

High Dive (grade 1, 2-8 players)

Racing route pilots begins in the Tongva Hills. They must earn the maximum height, then fall almost at right angles, having to align the plane at the last second. Anyway the flight will have an impression on the audience that will admire the skill of the pilot, or to contemplate the horrific plane crash and the failure of the player.

In The Loop (rank 35, 1-8 players)

The race route is designed in the style of "point to point". Players will fly through the docks and Downtown. On the way are many obstacles and two contour loops"in which any mistake of the pilot will lead to a collision.

Under the Bridge (grade 11, 1-8 players)

Gravity will do most of the work when the paratroopers will jump from a height of 4000 feet. On the flight trajectory will be installed obstacles. They are highlighted with warning signals, which are visible only in the night time.

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