Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold
flight school San Andreas pilots get their wings and become the aces under supervision JT Boyd. To get 10 gold medals in all missions, players will need the courage, skill and a calm attitude to mortality statistics. To assist in achieving these goals is the collection of descriptions and recommendations for each job.

the Inner loop

Any pilot is able to perform a difficult maneuver called "loop". When executed, this will require greater coordination in space. Attention must be paid to the precise execution of each maneuver, otherwise it will not be properly recorded.

engine Failure

In this task, do not need to worry about limited time. To get a gold medal you need to put the faulty Miljet as close as possible to the marked area. By reducing up to 1000 m it is recommended to gradually align the plane and start to produce the chassis. For maximum approach to the marker plane should touch the ground closer to the middle of the runway.


Players have to hit the maximum number of targets using a helicopter equipped with a machine gun and rocket guns. The minigun is better to release a single queue for outdoor purposes and related objects. The rockets will be more suitable for the purpose, located in the shelter.

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

Landing in the city

Landing aircraft Titan around the city during the storm is a very difficult task. The landing zone is a stretch of beach, Pleasure Pier. Before landing, it is recommended to reduce the flying height to the maximum, though this task is complicated by numerous buildings. It is worth remembering that the planting should be done after passing the wooden barrier, otherwise the outcome of the mission will be unpredictable.

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

Jump with parachute

There was a nasty situation - skydiver jumped from a plane without a parachute. The good news is that the parachute falls down in the immediate vicinity of the accident. It will need to catch the flight. You should hurry, critical mark is at hand, and gravity does not work in your favor. To approach the parachute should run smoothly, so it is likely to pass.

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

Landing on a moving truck

The player needs 19 seconds time to land the helicopter on a moving truck. It is recommended to catch up with the truck, keeping the overall speed, and hang over his body at a minimum height. After that it is possible to smoothly land the helicopter.

Organized flight

Gold medal for the mission shall be issued provided that the player will move in an organized group aircraft Besras, not deviating from the General course and, without collapsing. In a straight line it is not difficult. During the execution of complex maneuvers necessary to monitor other aircraft and just follow their course. If the control indicator is green, the player is in the ranks and doing things right.

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

At ground level

To get the medals you need to fly at extremely low altitude. On the way there will be many obstacles and checkpoints. Eventually the average flight altitude should be less than 1 m To be safe it is recommended to release the chassis. This will allow you to reduce speed in hazardous areas and not to break the contact with the ground. Maneuverability Besra will be useful to overcome problem areas.

the Collection of control flags

The main task is to collect all the control flags in the minimum possible time. The route you need to consider beforehand. It is recommended to begin with the Western outskirts of the city, gradually moving to the Central part. While collecting flags with skyscrapers would be reasonable to release the chassis. This will give better maneuverability at lower flight speeds.

Flight school GTA SA: the road to gold

the Flight leader

In the last task will have to fly on a given route with JT Boyd. It is recommended not to copy his actions, and to focus on the checkpoints. They reflected the 3 option colour coding - gold (excellent), blue (good), green ( "hatchet in the air"). Should seek to improve performance in each checkpoint. Ideally, all signals should be Golden.

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