GTA Online: a tribute to the angel of death

GTA Online: a tribute to the angel of death
In today's edition presents 8 new missions for GTA Online. They are based on a series of Red Dead, where John Marston's attempts to escape from his past and to succeed. Main location - the Wild West.

the Mission of Red Dead Redemption from the player LordSando (Xbox 360)

The armed confrontation in the spirit Deathmatch takes place in the Wild West in the vicinity of the desert. Commands appear at a minimum distance from each other. Slow players will be killed on the spot.

A limited selection of weapons entails the choice of the optimal strategy. The main types of weapons - pistols, Molotov cocktails.

Marston's Ranch from The Mckeever (PS3)

Participants Deathmatch originally available only pistols. The most active and dedicated players can smile good luck in finding edges and pomegranate, which in the hands of professionals can have a major impact on the outcome of the fight.

Tesoro Azul from JaseTheChase (Xbox 360)

JaseTheChase using shipping containers and other details, has recreated an exact copy Tesoru Azul in one of the zones of refuge Nuevo Paraiso. The goal of each team is to select a valuable object opponents and deliver it to your base. At the beginning of the mission is available only pistols. The most successful players will be able to find Molotov cocktails, scattered on the ground.

, Red Dead Race from Zidane (PS3)

The race route will go through the wilderness Grand Senora. The route will be a lot of difficult areas, which will allow the most experienced drivers to get ahead. To catch up, they can speed the plot along the railway tracks.

Red Dead from ScarfacexD16 (Xbox360)

Team Deathmatch is arranged at the foot of the mountain Chiliad, Gordo. Opposing teams will be able to compete with the forces of the old mill and the surrounding area. Players who have taken refuge in the back of the house, can fatally not be so lucky. There is the tank, until the top is filled with a combustible mixture that can be ignited by a stray bullet or a sharp shot.

Red Dead from ElusiveBlk202 (PS3)

Middle Deathmatch organized in the style of dueling. In a confined space among the train cars, and rare vegetation, players fight for their lives and the title of the best team. Every shot must be pre-calculated as the minimum amount of ammunition.

Tall Trees from adeadzombiebones (Xbox 360)

In Deathmatch, players will be available guns for major battles and guns to conduct sweeps of the area. To cover the perfect woodland. Move it carefully, because the enemy can hide behind the nearest tree.

Grab The Bag from BigSo786 (PS3)

Command mission to capture valuable object-oriented participation of four teams. The battlefield is a small play area, forcing players to immediately begin to take action. The main goal is to capture and protect a valuable object.

Each player who has developed or happened to notice a thematic mission in GTA Online, can share his discovery with the gaming community. Enough to share the event in the Social Club, placing a checkmark #throwback, and send a link to the official mail Rockstar.

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