GTA Online: contest video and photo

GTA Online: contest video and photo
Players in GTA Online showed imagination and determination during the creation of the copyright of the video and the contest works series #Flightschool Snapmatic. Will explore their creativity more.

Fearless pilots took to the sky and demonstrated excellent skills of flying. In the framework of the events dedicated to the update of the "Flying school", their award-winning steel dual GTA $ and RP bonuses. In the video above, participated users AlexSniperBullet, Karpeh, Smoowv, RadicalSpirit.

The key event of the past days was the duel "Rockstar VS Little&Cubed 2v2" in "Flight school". The expectations of the players were fully justified. The match was an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of the latest updates, skill and courage of the pilots. Speed, risk, unexpected turns of events and a touch of humor, waiting for the audience while watching the recording.

The participants of the duel "Rockstar VS Little&Cubed 2v2" DAN and Martin keen-author of missions for the platform PS3, which is partially shown in the video. Consider a separate mission more.

  • Crossjoust. In the centre of the commercial district in Los Santos was covered by section 4 lane road. He became the main battleground for opponents, armed exclusively with pistols.
  • Game of Thrills 2. The main action takes place in the air. The main goal of any means to take possession of the aircraft and to fend off air attacks.
  • CanyonAero. Team race is organized in Raton canyon. One of the teams moving on the ground, the second flying on planes and attacking your opponent. Reversal of roles occurs every 5 minutes.
  • Any Landing You Walk From. The main goal is to land the plane Besra on the runway of the airfield in Sandy Shores between fuel tanks. One awkward movement and the failure of the mission followed by a colorful explosion is guaranteed.
  • Big Bridge, Big Plane. Mass race event organized near bridge, La Puerta.
  • To Infinity. Contact air race planes Besra over skyscrapers in Los Santos.
  • Plane Sailing. Theft of aircraft Besra with the protected object and its delivery in the control point can be a daunting task.
  • Chill Lad. Players will have to overcome the hard way on a route that goes through the mount Chiliad.
Among other works the attention of the gaming community has attracted the video "Little and Cubed PvPvNPC"below. The participants of the shooting clearly know a lot about construction work and fun, not forgetting the clever tactics and coherent actions.

the Winners of contest #FlightSchool Snapmatic

The participants focused on the visualization of colorful explosions, aircraft Besra and events of the past.

GTA Online: contest video and photo
The user AlexSniperBullet admire the brave pilots of the past. One of his idols was Amelia Earhart.

GTA Online: contest video and photo
High-speed aircraft Besra and sports cars Invetero Coquette Classic basking in the Golden rays of the setting sun. Author picturesque illustrations ZazDillinger.

GTA Online: contest video and photo
The pilot made a stop at a roadside outlets. Author Rita Skybabe titled his work as "Flight School " Lunch Break".

GTA Online: contest video and photo
Colorful explosions in the air space, which slowly fades daring air group, shown in the illustration from fktnk 95.

GTA Online: contest video and photo
Peaceful view of the water surface breaks the plane Besra running sicaro12.

Contest #FlightSchool Snapmatic is completed. It remained for the selection of winners #FlightSchool Air Race Creator. They will be known in the coming days.

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