Fan Vids: update your video collections

Fan Vids: update your video collections
Players in GTA Online continue to add the author's collection of video Fan Vids. In recent work we can detect Parallels with the game Max Payne that users have used for the realization of the author's intention. It perfectly complements the music events in Los Santos. Let us consider in more detail the work of talented players.

Video Other Places Sao Paulo from user ultrabrilliant

The main action takes place in Brazil. The winding streets and dark alleys obviously not safe. Everywhere traces from previous shootings. Poverty and risk being felt very acutely. Sharp change of scenery and landscapes to be only after the coming battles in one of the clubs.

GTA 5 Terminator 2 Judgment day remake by John Chapman

The plot of the author based on elements from the famous film "the Terminator". Judgment day is coming up and the character of the game is desperately trying to survive. He will have to overcome in no small way, to visit skirmishes and even in the sewers. The events in the movie is accompanied original scenes from the film "the Terminator".

GTA Online Kill Thril vol.1 montage by El Serpe

Very exciting video inspired by the works of famous film Director Quentin Tarantino. In the work of El Serpe special role is given to the concept of death, which is represented in the most frightening shades. This was promoted by the use of destructive weapons, which leaves no goal no chance to survive.

GTA 5 Car Horn Playing Thunderstuck by Lukenbacher

In a recent update GTA Online consisted of different variations of car horns. The player Lukenbacher found them great use when creating compositions in the style of rock. Author's idea is supplemented with graphic support and a number of tricks that Lukenbacher used to create movie.

Slow Burn - Community Stunt Montage by MrVeyron5

The video is the result of professionalism, friendly operation of players MrVeyron5, Wargodcinema and others. They managed not only to realize the most daring stunts on auto, but to record the events in the right perspective. The danger, grace, unmatched precision - these are characteristic features of the event in the new trailer.

Recommended to viewing video

Unusual approach and excellent execution of the conceived ideas scored several works of authorship. These include:
  • Things to do in GTA 5 - Bottleneck. Members of the crew vid heartily have fun and show its superiority on a narrow race track.
  • GTA 5 Movie Bad Blood. The basis video put intricate plot, according to which the character is drawn into a world of intrigue and danger because of the current chain of circumstances.
  • Branberry shorts - The Creep Lonely Island spoof - GTA 5. Get more money each player tries, but this time the attainment of the goal deserves special attention.
  • Grand Theft Thursdays - 13 Hipster Night Out. Became available original video from Anonamix created with a humorous slant.
  • GTA 5 Challenge 3 - Back flip over 10 titans. Using aerial shots were able to show people the beauty of the landscapes and the scale of destruction from various explosions.
  • The Legend of Vic Bullow. In the virtual world of sport has its own legend. With some of them can be found in the new video.
Huge collection of videos available for viewing on our website and official channels Rockstar. Each player in GTA Online can get a chance to win recognition gaming community, specifying the original video, the link to which you want to send to the official mail mouthoff.

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