Mission in GTA Online: new video

Missions in GTA Online: new video
Copyright race, fights Deathmatch, mission Verified Jobs became the testing ground for players in GTA Online. Fans of the genre have been developed hundreds of fun and deadly missions.  Some of the best works presented below.

Video Little and Cubed MotoJousting from the user OfficialNerdCubed

Exciting events unfold on the pier Del Perro, where the opposing team or individual players start on opposite sides of the route. All participants can choose between a motorcycle and a shotgun. After the announcement of the participants begin to go towards each other, trying to inflict maximum damage. The mission created by analogy with knightly tournaments in the past.

Vespucci Gymkhana Drift (GTA 5 Drift Map) from AyDeeJayProductions

Demonstrates features professional riders at the entrance and exit of the vehicle from skidding. Uses specially prepared landscape area and the skills of the driver, which will not leave indifferent any of the fans of extreme sensations.

GTA 5 Online Ultimate Bike Challenge from Olli43

If you think you are one of the best racers, you can test your skills in expert race, prepared with the participation of m lxl-Ezula-lxi. Raceway in South-Western part of Los Santos created exclusively for travel on motorcycles. Players will demonstrate professional skills of maneuvering in the narrow lanes or broken, and before reaching the finish line.

GTA 5 We Go Both Ways Sandking XL Chaos from swiftor

Race track, which became available due to the works of MTL RELLIK and swiftor, is a real boon for the riders. They will lay out all on a limited stretch of highway, constantly avoiding head-on collisions with opponents.

GTA Online Race Rewiew, Activity from 01 GTASeriesOnline

The video demonstrates the possibilities for unique race track, created by the efforts of several professional developers, including AlphyX. To get thrills and maximum pleasure from the game, it is recommended to involve in each race at least 5-6 players.

If you are an author or co-author of a fascinating video about GTA Online, you should not be ashamed to tell the world about it. A statement from yourself you can send on e-mail Rockstar Mouthoff the link to the video and comments to it. The best works will appear in one of the regular news.

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