Mission GTA Online: update from 26.06.14

Missions GTA Online: update from 26.06.14
Last June update GTA Online Verified Jobs includes 10 new missions. Among them race, mortal fights between the teams and special tasks. Let's consider them in order.

the mission of the Holy Drift Mountain from the player Heavy Magic

Participation in the race are restricted drivers of sports cars. They have to pass through the scenic route from the starting point in the city Vinewood, through Vinewood Hills and back. Drivers is not recommended to be distracted by picturesque landscape, because the way lurk dangerous bends on the overpasses. Skills drift will be needed to win.

Far Out LOOP from Pakelikea

When creating a race track player Pakelikea focused on the technical part. Life racers will complicate many obstacles, including sharp turns, drainage ditches and other artificial roughness. When creating a route made every effort to increase the probability of collisions.

Missions GTA Online: update from 26.06.14

The Maze Bank Fight from N7-Devestator

The participants of two opposing teams will have to fight for valuable object on top of the Maze Bank. After the capture command object must return to base. This can be done by helicopter or jump with a parachute, to continue the momentum on the Ground level.

Hipster Happy Hour from Foghat1977

The player Foghat1977, despite little experience, pays great attention to the quality of the missions. A vivid confirmation of this is the race of Hipster Happy Hour. The route passes through the city centre. When passing noticeable competent work with the city traffic and use of urban infrastructure.

Missions GTA Online: update from 26.06.14

Hold: Shopping Spree from Skilledscout

Skilledscout - team leader Sir In a Suit. In a new mission, he laid two main objectives - capture positions around the Villa near the beach area and holding positions. When developing the command of the strategy is recommended to take into account features of the location of vehicles, buildings and other objects that will help in defence and attack.

Marios Race from Fifides

Small circular race in Los Santos includes a wide passing lane, and narrow roads, steep turns. Among others, our professionalism will be able to demonstrate drivers of small machines, characterized by a high maneuverability.

Missions GTA Online: update from 26.06.14

Quarantime from Raymond Calitri

Players in GTA Online will participate in the team match Deathmath, dubbed "the bridge of death". Bridge littered crashed and burned-out cars that are useful only for protection from enemy bullets. The choice of tactics will have a decisive influence on the outcome of the fight.

Obstacle from What GSXR01570

The race-oriented motorcyclists. Drivers start in Los Santos, passing desert zone Grand Senora and then back. High speed, many obstacles and to 15 opponents - that is the characteristic features of the new race.

Rattlesnake Run from a smitty56

The route for the riders laid on oil Deposit and runs around the road EI Burro. Multiple obstacles, the road bends can be used to output their opponents and send their car in recycling.

Missions GTA Online: update from 26.06.14

Sonuva Beach from Handcuff Charlie

Command fights in the spirit Deathmatch will be held on the beach Sonuva. Tasks players are compounded by limited choice of firearms. Grenades and cocktails Molotov" scattered throughout the area.

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