Update GTA Online: version 1.14

Update GTA Online: version 1.14
update is Released GTA Online - "I'm not a Hipster". Due to open opportunities for players to Express his personality and stand out from the crowd. The update includes new jeans, tattoos, hair, masks and many other features gameplay, which is under active development.

Update GTA Online: version 1.14
Players became available 7 new vehicles. Cars Glendale, Warrener, Blade, Phapsody may seem outdated, but under the hood lurks a considerable potential. Fans of high speed and extreme driving will like Dubsta, and players who understood small and maneuverable machines that can catch your fancy car Panto.

Update GTA Online: version 1.14
For self-defense or the seizure of power on the territory of Los Santos will be useful additions Arsenal - gun "Vintage" and dagger made in the ancient spirit.
Along with the published updates GTA Online prepared 12 new missions. These include:
  1. Airwaves. Participation in the mission will be able to take from 1 to 8 players. The jump from a height of 4370 feet is only the beginning...
  2. Beach Odyssey. From 1 to 16 players. Have to overcome any highway, hard coating which can dramatically replaced on the sand.
  3. Before it was cool. From 1 to 8. Circular race for the drivers miniature cars.
  4. Caffeine Rush. 1-8. Speedway originates in Del Perro and passes by four cafes.
  5. Contend: Condo-monium. 2-8. The teams will compete for valuable object in the yards of Puerto Del Sol.
  6. East Vinewood LTS. 2-16. Team battles unfold in the Eastern part Vinewood.
  7. Embracing America. 1-8. On the straight track to meet the treacherous turns and even road that allows you to gain maximum speed.
  8. GTA: Grab a Cab. 2-8. The mission was created in the spirit of Capture. The main events happen in the Eastern Vinewood.
  9. Hip to be cool. 1-8. Circular route designed in Los Santos and runs through the Parking at casinos.
  10. Legion Square Survial. 1-4. Freedom of speech came to an end, grouping together and the police are unable to cope. On the streets appear helicopters.
  11. Puerta Del Sol. 2-8. The mission in the spirit of Deathmatch. Success and professionalism will be useful to each player in order to survive.
  12. Trend Setting. 1-16. Circular race organized around the Park.
Update GTA Online: version 1.14
Update GTA "I'm not a Hipster," among other things, includes the following new features:
  • Gold and matte colours in LS Customs for the category Metals.
  • Advanced setting the visual effects when vehicles move slow, acceleration etc).
  • Animated videos on various occasions.
  • Players will no longer bear the additional costs for the restoration of the vehicle, which was destroyed by the player with insufficient GTA $.
  • fixed an issue in which both players had paid the damages to the insured vehicle.
  • From the pause menu you can bookmark missions favourite player.
  • the Use of tear gas is more efficient.
This is only a small the list of additions and corrections in the GTA. To download the full package updates "I'm not a Hipster" it is enough to use the standard functionality of the PS3 or Xbox 360 connected to the Internet. When launching GTA 5 will be prompted to download and install the automatic updates version 1.14, including additions and packages compatibility with GTA Online.

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