Ten new missions for GTA Online

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online
At the end of may edition Rockstar chose 10 new missions (Verified Jobs for GTA Online. Among them will meet three hard creation of a series of command fights Deathmatch. New routes, car stunts, validation stress resistance - this and much more awaits each player.

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online

Mission "Jumps R US" from the user Evan3737

The Creator of the mission appreciates the creation of artificial and natural springboards, which allows you to perform stunts on cars. Slopes are at different levels of roads in Vinewood Hills, boasting magnificent views of Los Santos.

"Zancudo Outskirts" from kidkolumbo

The mission was created in the spirit Deathmatch. Players will compete in the team races in which they face not only the "treacherous" dear, but with fierce opponents. Collision and accidents are inevitable. Win only teams who are well versed in the organized actions.

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online

"Baja Hangtime" from deejayb1874

Players will be able to take part in an exciting race 4x4. The main events unfold in Vinewood Hills, where the SUVs will have to overcome significant length of the track. Treacherous turns, permanent fractures of the road in the form of hills, formidable terrain - the distinctive features of the landscape.

"Sultans of Swing" from NittyDon

The Creator of the mission NittyDon is a member of the crew of the Red Rum Racing, whose members have professional skills in passing and creating racing tracks. This time NittyDon created a race in Vinewood Hills. On the way drivers will meet sharp turns, which are almost invisible among the trees and mountain areas. Mode "contactless race and timely discharge rate may have a decisive importance in a car race.

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online

"Contend: Highest Treasure" from RikkiVercetti

RikkiVercetti is a member of live broadcasts Rockstar and repeatedly sent new mission for GTA Online, which were subsequently included in the game. In his new mission to simultaneously participate can only 2 teams. The actions will take place on top of the mountain with the use of air vehicles.

"The Valedictorian from Fachuro

The right choice of the car will have a decisive influence on the outcome of events. The professional racers will be useful for the rapid changes in speed, log in sharp turns and avoid the possibility of loss due to collisions with opponents.

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online

"Pier Pressure 2" from handcuff Charlie

The mission is of type Deathmatch. Actions begin to unfold in Perro Del Pier, where are planted two opposing teams. A quick victory over rivals could be achieved in case you choose the right moment to shoot the bottles of flammable liquid, the explosion of which will lead to inevitable death adjacent players.

"Underground" from The Jackal 4563

Command fight Deathmatch organized on a small map. The chosen strategy will have a crucial importance in the battle between the teams.

a Dozen new missions for GTA Online

"The Gordo Run" from matty256

The race is created in the North-Eastern part Blaine County. Motorcyclists have to overcome two circles in the mountains.

"Los Santos GP Inner Loop" from Broughy1322

Speedway organized on the territory of the cities of Los Santos and Rokford Hills specifically for high-speed XF series. When choosing a car, consider the technical data of the machine, such as the level of grip, speed and maneuverability.

Presents a dozen Verified Jobs closes may 2014. Selection and publication of new works from the talented users will continue in early June.

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2014-06-02 12:48:22

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