GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
In a recent review of a series of Fan Pics, the authors have focused on the original sketches Trevor and presentation of digital landscapes. Not left aside and GTA Online team, individual players and characters.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The author of "Rampage" - Mike Oncley. He drew an alternate view Trevor, using his paintings exclusively blue, red and white acrylic paint. His work was shown in Seattle for an event called "Press Start 3" with an emphasis on modern video games. Original painting artist will be presented on 5 October at the Art gallery (Seattle).

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
Master digital graphics Flemming created an impressive portraits of native commands of the Damned Brotherhood, including leader ajdbns 87. All illustrations were created manually with the help of professional graphic editors.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
Active participant in the Social Club and the player with great potential djnatas started preparing for the release of the fifth GTA on PS4. He sent mail to Rockstar a few shots of their gaming console, painted in the style of the game series Grand Theft Auto.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The team leader GTAPhotographers under the nickname Makaveli actively uses the editor of "meme" for the transformation of old cars.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The author of illustrations Casey Brooks known in the gaming community for his film "the Obvious Child". This time he uses pictures from Snapmatic for storytelling on behalf of girls living on the territory of Los Santos. Each photo is accompanied by an inscription that is complementary to the sense of the overall "picture".

In an interview, Brooks admits that he wanted to create a fictional story without one of the "frills" (pedestrians in GTA Online) about one girl. She brings a sense of peace and harmony in the criminal's environment. The girl live a normal and peaceful life, while the characters GTA Line are forced to survive in the vastness of the criminal world.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The player SkaggsSTL took a classic portrait of the character in the game. For his Transfiguration he used masks available in the GTA Line, and custom filters in the graphical editor.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The author of the illustration on the left is Anthonyzero, right - Florentmaudet. The image they create on the basis of real images using the concept of acting in GTA Online, which is reflected in the other games.

GTA Fan Pics: update from 24.09.14
The author sent me a picture of where not only the gameplay, but also everyday life. The photo is the first job sent by the author in the framework of a series of illustrations of Fan Pics.

As always, the most interesting pictures and graphic illustrations, which intersect with the themes of GTA and Rockstar, users can send official mail MouthOff. The best work will be highlighted in the following news releases.

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