Mission GTA Online: video reviews

Mission GTA Online: video reviews
Skillful manipulation of the GTA Online Creator allowed the authors new missions to create a fascinating review of its creations. Viewers will see a spectacular accident in the underground tunnels, high-speed race to the bottom and other events organized in classic or exclusive style Verified Jobs. Let us consider the video authors and their fans.

"GTA 5 funny montage" race "train wreck" from HikeTheGamer

Filmed on the motives of the mission "Train Rampage" from Stella Venator (PS3).

Extreme driving skills will never be useful as in the narrow tunnels, designed exclusively for the movement of trains. Gently overcome them at minimum speed does not work, because race around La Mesa organized at the time.

"Part 254 - race at maximum speed" from TmarTn2

Filmed on the motives of the mission "456 seconds" from HLOKITTY (Xbox 360).

Author video TmarTn2 accidentally joins a new high-speed race, which is ideally suited for his black and orange car Zentorno. Driving along the highway in Los Santos, he tries to follow all the rules of "etiquette", described in the instructions for the mission, simultaneously dodging reckless and aggressive actions of some opponents. The situation heats up when approaching a narrow bridge, where the movement is organized in the 4th row.

"an Epic work in GTA 5" - "100 gas cylinders" and "pirate wars" from Team Epiphany

On the motives of the missions "AK47 100 tanks" from DJkillme (PS3) and "pirates" from kixxel82 (Xbox360).

The video begins with events in Deathmatch, organized at the station Xero in Pacific Bluffs. The danger comes from all sides. Tanks with fuel explode on every corner, and the opponents are in constant fire. From "fire" action flow more smoothly into the sea. Opponents begin to act from opposite ends of the Alamo sea, holding ready the boat Dinka Marquis.

"GTA Online Top 3: card of the week Ep 35" from TheLibertyLunatic

On the motives of the mission "battle Scrapyard", "rails", "lighthouse" from Dillono (PS3), "the Bloodshed Elysian" from AlexSniperBullet (PS3).

The player TheLibertyLunatic provides the opportunity to enjoy the best moments of several missions, Deathmatch and one race. Captured only the most intriguing and colorful events, and also paid attention to the anchor points of the enemy.

"GTA 5 funny moments #120 c Sidemen" from Vikkstar123

On the motives of the mission "4 way extreme madness" from bowserlitious (Xbox 360).

Video created by the efforts of the author team Sidemen, which included players Vikk, KSI, Zerkaa, MM7, BJG, Behzinga and TBJZL. On the track they embodied the most daring ideas. The result was a demonstration not only professional skills, but also of the absurdities that can occur each racer.

"King of drift" (mounting Tandem and Gymkhana) from GTA WiseGuy

On the motives of mission Drift every day" from TMXTitanium (Xbox 360).

Video is intended for entertainment and training experienced drivers, specialized on the drift. Upon completion of viewing involuntarily comes the realization that won mission Drift every day" - drivers who know a lot about the correct formulation of the drift, but not novices, who consider only the maximum speed of the car.

After watching the video you can share experiences and findings with other players by leaving a comment to this news. The owners and authors unique video based on Verified Jobs can declare itself by sending a link to your work on official mail Rockstar MouthOff. The best videos will be published in the next edition.

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