A weekend in GTA Online: contests and bonuses

Weekend in GTA Online: contests and bonuses
From 3 to 5 October in the framework of the pack GTA Online The Last Team Standing players were given additional GTA $ and RP bonuses. Conducted special contests, the results of which will be published later. A brief overview of the main events are shown below.

Free ammunition and ammunition

Bonuses could take all the players who downloaded the updated playlist (LTS Event Weekend Playlist).  They received free "manic" smileys titled "Please stop me" and a variety of masks.

Free players have expanded their arsenal. Most distinguished got sticky bombs, grenades, Molotov cocktails, as well as ammunition for sniper rifles and shotguns.

Increased rates of GTA $

Update GTA Online The Last Team Standing includes 10 new missions. The participants were given the opportunity to make increased bets to $ 10 000. The total amount of "Bank", which is awarded to the winners, depended entirely on the size of bets players, the complexity of tasks and the number of rounds in each mission.

Dual RP-bonuses

Double bonus RP accrue to the players who took an active part in one or more of the 10 new missions that are included in update GTA Online The Last Team Standing. For additional fees could also expect participants copyright missions created using LTS Jobs Creator.

Additional RP bonuses

In addition to the current remuneration users could get +20% to double the RP bonus. This was enough to play with members of your current team.

Command discounts on clothing, tattoos and auto tuning

The participants actively used the discount of 50% on the tattoo, sportswear, with colorful logos. A similar discount is provided for tuning a car (painting, pasting logos, replacement of tyres and so on).

Bonuses falling from the sky

In between team battles players have switched to the free game, where available additional bonuses. In particular, with the sky clearing valuable cargo with RP-bonuses GTA $, heavy RPGs, explosives and exclusive t-shirts.

Weekend in GTA Online: contests and bonuses

development Contest #LTS

Mode #LTS was again included in the function set of the GTA Online Creator. With his help, created and perfected mission style pack GTA Online The Last Team Standing. For participation in competition it is necessary to add a reference to my work in Social Club marked #LTS.

All copyrights mission will be tested later. In the end will choose 5 winners. Everyone will get GTA $ 1M and distinctive license plate Bodybag for your car.

Contest #LTS Snapmatic

Version Rockstar takes the work of talented players who most vividly demonstrate the capabilities of the new update. Each user can take a screenshot of the game with a humorous, classic, aggressive, and any other bias for subsequent uploading to Snapmatic. The authors of the best papers will also get GTA $ 1M and distinctive number plate.

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