Video GTA Online: heavenly warriors

Video GTA Online: heavenly warriors
Heavenly warriors, scholars of race tracks and colorful productions teamed up in the vastness of GTA Online. Working on their reputation, they published author trailers. Will explore more with the most successful works.

Video GTA Online: heavenly warriors
In the illustration partially showing the activity of the IFLY team with the Commissioner suicideblanche (top right).

Team IFLY - serious, organized, and professional Association of licensed pilots on the aircraft Besra. Output update "Flight school" in San Andreas was for team inspiration for new achievements, which they publicly demonstrate their trailers.

Under the leadership IFLY was formed Alliance of groups professional crews, control of the airline. Their services often resort to other players due to the high reliability of overeating.

Under the leadership IFLY alliance was formed of a group of professional crews, control of the airline. These services often take the other players because of the high reliability of the association.

The team's effort IFLY in GTA 5 has created its own "Flight school". It pilots to improve their skills, learn the basics of navigation and player messages through radio, as well as to capitalize on the commercial jobs.

The video above demonstrates airmanship player Gta-Wise-Guy from the team ORIG.

On the plane Besra player Gta-Wise-Guy plays the most complicated aerial tricks, where even small errors are unacceptable. The skill allows players to win ORIG high line in the ranking of the teams. In particular, behind them there are many well-known crews 6 Star Street Racers and Slammed Community.

Air element is not the only activity of the team ORIG. Its members are involved in the transport Deathmatches (35th place on the PS3, 214-e - on XBL) and contactless races (217 place on XBL)

The team leader ORIG nick Original Tanks takes control of the P-996 Lazer. His flight is shown in the video above. Viewers will see a lot of deadly maneuvers among windmills and industrial buildings in Los Santos, and La Puerta.

Player plays in GTA Online

Outside the scope of flight art edition Rockstar said two videos that deserve special attention.

Movie Fast and the Furious GTA 5 Movie Scene Remake" created by the efforts of team members RUST. The basis for the creation of the video was a clip from the movie "fast and furious". In the vastness of GTA Online players managed to repeat the amazing trick of the movie, in which riders have to cross railroad tracks a few inches from the rushing train. To create the most realistic picture of the events of the game and the movie are interleaved with the video.

Artist AdLib WF personally created the image of his team's DAMN to stand out from the gray mass. His comrades did not stop and colorfully presented portraits of the players in the video above. The roller imposed an original musical composition from the friendly crew Lieutenant ThellaDopest.

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