Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 of the week

Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 weeks
the Last set of missions for GTA Online is dedicated to air opposition in the skies over Los Santos and Blaine County. Ten best works includes 5 missions selected in contest #FlightSchool Weekend Event Creator. Their creators to get GTA $ 1M and distinctive license plate for your ground transportation.

All the missions available for download on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. In mid-November 2014 this opportunity will be given to the owners of the PS4 and Xbox One, and at the end of January 2015 - PC owners.

the Mission of the winners of contest #FlightSchool Weekend Event Creator

Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 weeks
Helicopters flew along the coastline of the Eastern part of Los Santos.

the Mission Dedalus from a player with the nickname jjjpelo

In the description of the job often the word "simply", but it's easy to get off with only a few professionals. Players will be asked to demonstrate the maneuverability and speed of modern helicopters.

Heli Low Fly Zone from LoneWolfOfNorth

Getting started Flight school in San Andreas has led to the growth of not only professionalism, but also recklessness of the individual pilots. The creation of the player LoneWolfOfNorth designed to demonstrate complex maneuvers on the aircraft flying as low as the distance to the earth. The main goal is to reach the destination in safe and sound for a minimum period of time.

Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 weeks
Fighters fly between the rotating vanes of power plants, seeking to "the heart of the industrial area of Los Santos.

from Dusk GunterDaPenguin

Flying in the dusk conditions on high-speed Besra among wind turbines and skyscrapers force pilots always remain on guard. Standing for a moment to escape and the mission will be failed.

Pylon Slalom from manfreygordon

The player manfreygordon created a fascinating route for pilots. For its passing useful basic flying skills and good reaction. Professionals will be able to have fun.

Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 weeks
Aircraft with ads sponsors smoothly pass between the "natural" urban obstacles.

Sprunk Air Race #1 from kapnkyle

Flights sponsorship aircraft arranged on Vespucci beach. The default is the contactless mode of flight. To change it is not recommended.

the Best of the series Verified Jobs

After School from KakoQR

Graduates of "Flight school" go on the race route around San Andreas. They have to do is not an easy path along the crest of the mountain, under the low arches of the bridges, and to overcome other artificial and natural obstacles. On the road opens a beautiful view of the sun rising in Raton canyon.

Mission GTA Online: TOP 10 weeks
The mission Chopper Bombing captured helicopters from the top of mount Chiliad.

Chopper Bombing from passlake

The race route is laid through the air from the peak of mount Chiliad through forests up to Paleto Bay. Only experienced pilots will be able to come to the finish first.

Chopper Killer from Liwetha

Another difficult race on the helicopters. Players must fly through the Docklands and the city centre between the tightly pressed to each other by buildings. By the end of the route will be the maze Bank Tower.

SA Flight School: Racing from DemonicStalkerr

This mission is a call to all pilots who have successfully completed the "Flight school". For its passage will need all your skills and knowledge. Sharp turns and almost vertical peak will be only the beginning for the participants of the competition.

The Flyby from Vance Burrito

High-speed race includes many dangerous areas. Pilots at a minimum height of flying over the roofs of beach houses, under bridges and effectively slide along the surface of the water. The most dangerous and steep turns waiting near Fort Zancudo Military Base.

About custom missions that deserve attention, you can make a statement on the official resources Rockstar. Reviews of the best works will be presented in the following editions.

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