Favorites in GTA Online: photo and video

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
In two weeks on weekends players in GTA Online enjoyed unique opportunities. Increased traditional accrual RP and GTA $, competitions were held and open tournaments in new missions, was awarded valuable prizes. The reason for such a large bounty - promotion and presentation of the new update "The Last Team Standing. Consider a single event last weekend and more will present the winners of the Snapmatic.

Broadcast Rockstar: BY against MAE and BOYS

The first clash of the two teams ended with the score 2:0 in favor of the MAE and the BOYS headed TheMissesMae. The team headed BY with Vikkstar123 decided to take revenge on the weekend. Excerpts from a fascinating confrontation of the players are represented in the video above.

Both teams were actively used by the innovation of the pack "The Last Team Standing" - a system of several rounds. In the first mission "Mount Josiah", "Hawick LTS" with the score 2:0 led players from MAE and BOYS. In the third round "Paleto" luck has not left leaders, the score was 3:0.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the players, the opposition may continue after the completion of the tournament. The full review will appear later in the newsletter and on the official resources Rockstar on Youtube and GTA Online playlist of sessions (sessions playlist).

the Winners of contest #LTS Snapmatic

Fantasy paparazzi was played in the pursuit of fame and impressive prize - GTA $ 1M and distinctive license plate Bodybag. It will only get 5 players, carefully selected by the editors of Rockstar. Take a look at the works of the best artists and more.

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
The work of the author BushyArtwork decorated in the "bright" and "sassy" black and white. It got awkward name "The Light Go On".

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
Imitation surveillance camera surveillance has created player SPLAP-FART. Contrary to the expectations of employees Rockstar similar work using masks Meme Creator in the spirit of "Manhunt" was not so much. The user SPLAP-FART managed to stand out and gain recognition in the gaming community due to his creation, entitled "He is Behind You... (Manhunt)" (from the English. "he's behind you...").

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
Lago Zancudo looks great during the Golden sunset in the background slightly "perturbed" the sea in San Andreas. so the author decided Vinewoodonfire1 and it has paid off.

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
Illustrator The-Monk52 titled his work as "How Many Ninjas Can You See?" ( eng. "how many ninjas do you see?"). But really, how much? "A true ninja is so careful that it cannot be noticed," commented one of the players, not wanting to look or being genuinely sure of your case.

Favorites in GTA Online: photo & video
"Steel horses" finally paid due attention. The idea is to compare the image of the statue of a stallion in Rockford Hills and "rider" modern motorcycle that belongs Vip-Guy.

In the near future will be the winners Rockstar Verified Jobs, competitions #LTS Creator and #FlightSchool Air Race.

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