GTA Online: original video from 16.10.14

GTA Online: original video from 16.10.14
Free and insanely dangerous world of GTA 5 Online continues to inspire players to create new masterpieces. This week's edition of the Rockstar chose the 5 best videos based on the game.

Video GTA 5 Online - Welcome to my mind from a user NexxuzHD

The main events take place in Los Santos and its surroundings. The surrounding world is changing before our eyes: from quiet and peaceful to intriguing and incredibly dangerous. To create the desired effect was used complex graphics effects.

GTA 5 Stunts - Incredible Police Chase from MafiaStunting / Vaktik

Previously published quite a few clips, devoted to the chase with police. However, such precision and skill of driving on two-wheeled transport is rare. Game character unsuccessfully trying to catch the patrol services and special purpose air support. Peak events and the most risky stunts can be seen closer to the third minute of viewing.

Branberry Shorts - Three Brothers in the Civil War from Sonny Evans

In short roller 3 presents the tragic story of the brothers during one of the large-scale conflicts. The work of the author differs thoughtful, eye-catching, but the short story. In any case, appreciate the story remains the gaming community.

Boardwalk Empire | GTA 5 Reenactment | Boardwalk Empire Intro from 8-Bit Bastard

Player 8-Bit Bastard tried to combine in his video the world of cinema and expanses of GTA Online. As the main venue he chose the sandy shores of the Vespucci Beach.

GTA Online | Best of 2014 - Mashup Montage from El Serpe

Clip from the leader of the team Aegis Legion - "the collection" the most amazing, original and extreme events in GTA Online during 2014. The strengthening effect of immersion in the gameplay and the emergence of the desire to make new "exploits" - additional tasks dynamic music video.

Recommended for viewing videos

In addition to the main five rollers, RokStar edition recommends for viewing on YouTube the following videos:
  • GTA Online - Kill Bill Photo Project. In the video clearly demonstrates that the main condition to create the perfect images for Snapmatic on the motives of the classic "Thriller" in GTA Online is a close - knit activities from the friendly team of professionals.
  • Maquillaje Cosplay Makeup. The video is filmed based on the work of Nightmare from John Marston with a slightly modified setting of the plot.
  • GTA : The Matrix Reloaded Remake. Player John Chapman presented the continuation of a series of works devoted to fantastic films, reflected in GTA Online. This time the work of the author based on the movie "the Matrix Reloaded".
  • Christine. Videos are aimed at fans of Stephen king, horror, underworld GTA or simply players who lack the adrenaline generated by the terrifying soul events.
  • GTA 5 BMX - FREESTYLE 2 (GTA V BMX Stunts Montage). The player RedKeyMon continues to please its fans with new tricks each time become more effective and dangerous.
Authors unique video can immediately assert themselves and to share their creations with the gaming community. It's enough to send a link to your work e-mail RockStar MouthOff. If the movie can stand out from the gray mass, will be published in upcoming reviews.

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