TOP 10 missions to the anniversary of GTA SA

TOP 10 missions to the anniversary of GTA SA
To the anniversary of the release of the game GTA San Andreas for PlayStation 2 talented players have developed new mission series Verified Jobs for PS3, Xbox 360. From dozens of presents works edition Rockstar took only 10. A brief description is presented below.

the Mission Dam Rider from the developer SyxTnyne

Speedway focused on the drivers of two-wheeled transport. Their route starts from the dam Land, passes through the Eastern edge of Vinewood and the desert Grand Senora.

Grove Sweet Grove from Captain Fred01

Players are once again invited to enter the territory Grove Street, fighting for their lives, in regular Deathmatch. At first glance it may seem that the location of the vehicles and weapons is chaotic. During battles comes the realization that the location of all objects systematized for the timely organization or melee using an impressive Arsenal.

TOP 10 missions to the anniversary of GTA SA

A Home in the Hills from CookieDwarf

Many remember a luxurious mansion on the hill Madd Wisconsin s Mulholland, with beautiful views of the surrounding area and race track. She goes through the winding roads of the hills, sandy beaches, Baytree canyon. The final destination for the winner is an elegant residence in the Park Galileo.

N.O.E. from ala-eddine97

Air race begins near Blaine County, continuing along the Alamo sea and ends at the sandy shores. The main difficulty for players have to fly at extremely low altitude, periodically flying under bridges.

Sweet and Kendl from GoochTheftAuto95

The Creator of the mission paved race track from cemetery Hill Valley to Grove Street so that drivers could enjoy the city's attractions. Get bored on the road will not succeed, because on the way forward "surprises"that will force players to be focused and to bring the situation under control.

Bloodring Bangers from Arms Dealer

Modified cars, weapons, well-placed obstacles and annoying roar of the muffler is only the beginning. The winners of the race will be able rightly to call themselves professional drivers, excellent strategists and resistant to stress people.

Gray Imports from JllThe JokerllK

In this Deathmatch is recommended to enlist the support of as many friends. Teams have to fight for survival on the dockside. Benefit from the numerous weapons that fell from the damaged shipping boxes.

Grove Street Brawlers from Pressure.Drop

The author of the mission, the team member GTAPhotographers and club Creator Core under the nickname Pressure.Drop has a unique creative talent, which is evident in the representation of the world of GTA Online. This time, he organized a team battle in the spirit Deathmatch. Players will use mostly melee weapon (incendiary mixtures, tear grenades) and always be ready to attack.

TOP 10 missions to the anniversary of GTA SA

Little Loop from JllThe JokerllK

Players will demonstrate their mastery of motorcycles on the challenging race track. It runs from Downtown Vinewood, through the airport in Los Santos and ends on Grove Street.

Wrong Side of the Tracks from GTAMANIAC99

Racing race on motorcycles organized a formidable roads, parks, Tataviam mountains and some other locations. The key difficulty players begin in a narrow tunnels, where overtaking the enemy can end up in a colourful accident and failure of the mission.

If you noticed thematic mission in the spirit of GTA San Andreas, you can share it with the gaming community and editorial Rockstar. Enough to publish in Social Club link on the mission marked #throwback.

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