A weekend in San Andreas

Weekend in San Andreas: prizes and contests
from the 24th till the 26th of October in honor of the anniversary of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas possible criminal of the city were expanded. Players became available double bonuses, new missions, exclusive prizes.

Double bonus GTA $ and RP

Bonuses are only available when the missions from the series "San Andreas Throwback Jobs". To select one of them was enough to run GTA 5 Online, choose menu "Featured Playlist" ("chosen playlist") and specific mission under "Playlists" ("playlists"). All participants of these vacancies were put double bonus RP and GTA $. Lost or won - it was no matter, the bonuses received by all.

Crate Drops: exclusive t-shirts

Over the weekend of 24-26 October from heaven San Andreas falling bonuses, which are known as "Crate Drops". Find them exclusively members of the free game mode (Freemode). In "Crate Drops" contained exclusive retro t-shirts with attributes known in the past, radio stations, additional weapons and prizes GTA $.

Discounts on update your wardrobe and machines

In stores virtual city operated 50% discount on all green clothes, BMX bikes, bandanas and other accessories to create a unique style of character. It also established a discount of 25% on the modification of low car suspension.

the Competition Snapmatic #GTA San Andreas

Rockstar has prepared 5 prize packages, including items in retro style. These include basketball, bandana, t-shirt, playing cards and poker chips with attributes GTA San Andreas.

Weekend in San Andreas: prizes and contests
To receive the prize package was necessary to preserve the most fascinating, unusual and intriguing screenshots during the game. References to illustrations are actively unloaded it in Social Club marked #GTASanAndreas. The winners will be announced at a later date.

Direct broadcast RockStar

Since October 23, launched the thematic broadcast RockStar. They were held in the framework of the vacancies from the series "San Andreas Throwback Jobs". Video streams were traditionally organized on the channels of YouTube and Twitch. Records of past events will appear later.

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