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With the release of the announcement about the upcoming appearance of GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC players have begun to show increased interest in future innovations. Indeed, users will find a lot new in the updated and more detailed Los Santos. Let us consider some innovations in more detail.

New awards: transport

Will be available exclusive ground and air vehicles. These include stylish, powerful and a little scary car Imponte Duke O Death, as well as the seaplane Dodo.

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Event: murder mystery

Uncover the mystery of the terrible murder based on evidence. Fold them together to unlock the filter Noir Style that will unlock additional features game mode Store Mode. In the process of solving crimes, you can make stunning screenshots for Snapmatic in the spirit of the classic "school of crime".

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Weapon and melee

Destroy the enemies with a powerful and rapid-fire weapons Rail Gun. It refers to experimental military developments and presents in Ammu-Nation. Alternatively, you can use melee weapons Axe, which when one of its kind brings fear to the victim.

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wildlife: flora and fauna

In Los Santos and Blaine County, new species. They are widely scattered locations. In the process of exploring the opportunity to unlock special Kraken Sub.

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the Tuning speed auto

Released a series of new racing cars, decorated with logos of famous companies. New elements of tuning the car will be available to the winners of racing competitions.

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Mosaic street artist

Unknown street artist painted the walls around the city. As the main images he used the silhouettes of monkeys. Players who managed to keep track of all art and take photos of them, will get an exclusive award "monkey" or Go Go Monkey Blista.

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New technology and other innovations

Players will gain access to a new truck Cheval Marshall and improved powerful air ship Blimp.

go to GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One, PC
Players earlier launches GTA 5 on Xbox 360 and PS3, partially or fully will be able to transfer their in-game achievements on the game version, adapted to the latest versions of PS, Xbox, PC. In addition, each player who will issue pre-order the game will receive a bonus GTA $ 1M. Half of this amount can be spent in Store Mode, and the remaining money in GTA Online.

Fans of the game fell asleep edition Rockstar questions regarding the transition from the old to the new port of GTA 5. Consider the most frequently occurring issues.

Comments to users ' questions

What will happen with exclusive content in the game, which players got for buying the collector's edition of GTA in 2013? Will open access to this content on the PS4, Xbox One or PC?
When upgrading gaming systems will be automatically unlocked previously available exclusive content. There will be additional bonuses for all players. Details will appear after the game update.

Will I still be able to play your generated character, if I interpret his progress on a new port of the game?
Yes, there is such opportunity. However, the progress and achievements of the character can be transferred only once. Further synchronization achievements at the various ports of the game is not available.

will there Be any new updates are available to players on PC? Particularly interested in Dodo and Dukes.
Yes, get it.

will the game update for new game consoles available on their previous generations?
The fact that almost all of the above updates GTA 5 became possible due to the high computing power of the platform PS4, Xbox One, PC. Unfortunately, they will not be available on previous generations of video game consoles due to non-compliance of their power system requirements for new updates. But will be regularly issued updates that will be suitable for all of the above consoles.

would it be Possible to transfer my original mission (Verified Jobs in new port of the game?
Yes, all the missions created using the function set GTA Creator, will be available for transfer. However, the author's "playlists" list of missions), Snapmatic pictures and bookmarks will not be migrated.

Will the new port GTA Online to support up to 30 participants in one session of competitive modes, such as Races and Deathmatches?
Yes, this option will be available.

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