Halloween in GTA Online: bonuses, contests

Halloween in GTA Online: bonuses, contests
the Advanced capabilities of players in GTA Online smoothly flow from one output to another. No time to go through the events dedicated to the anniversary of the San Andreas, how did events in honor of Halloween. On weekends from October 31 to November 2, players have access to advanced bonuses.

Double bonus

All participants Deatchmatch could get increased bonuses RP and GTA $. The multiplication factor of the standard bonus equal to 2. To get the maximum bonus RP requires accurate shots into the heads of opponents.

Exclusive bonuses

Traditionally, the players watched the sky in anticipation of the discharge of the next cargo - Crate Drops. Separate boxes that were dropped in the city, contained a unique bonuses including exclusive t-shirts. They suffered the attributes of the popular radio station Flash FM, Bobo, Fever 105 FM.

Frequency reset Crate Drops was increased in the free play mode. In addition to the unique t-shirts, players were able to find in boxes pyrotechnic installations, ammunition, weapons, RP, GTA $.

Discounts on thematic outfits

In celebration of Halloween was the assortment of horrific outfits that were sold in the vastness of the virtual city. On costumes, masks and hats operated a 50%discount.

To create a complete image of evil players had the opportunity to use their weapons, parachutes, painted in orange color. Particularly memorable effect creates an incendiary bomb, designed to create colorful tricks in honor of Halloween.

Discounts on services Lester

To go from radar screens and become enemies became invisible to players simply. Over the weekend acted 75% discount on service Lester "Off the Radar service. Players actively used this opportunity to deliver trouble "goblins"who spoil their day.

the Competition Snapmatic - Halloween #TRICKORTREAT

Horrific outfits, "demonic" and disgusting activity on the streets became a good reason to add to your collection Snapmatic. All of the illustrations participating in the competition must be published in the Social Club and marked as #TrickOrTreat. The winners will receive exclusive prizes, including GTA $ 1M.

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