GTA 5: music exclusive

GTA 5: music exclusive
Rockstar to release a new port of the fifth Grand Theft Auto for Xbox One, PS 4, PC has developed a series of exclusive goods. It will include CDs and vinyl records songs that are present in the original game.

A collection of Music from GTA 5" includes 59 original tracks from A$AP Rocky, Yeasayer, Twin Shadow, Flying Lotus, Tyler, Wavves, The Creator. In addition there are mixes from DJ Shadow, using music from Oh No, Woody Jackson, Tangerine Dream, The Alchemist.

Edition vinyl records and CDs limited to 5000 copies. They will be available for purchase in physical and online stores from December 9, 2014. Judging by the comments in the theme of social groups, the players are showing an increased interest for the forthcoming launch of sales of musical compositions. This can lead to the formation of almost instantaneous demand and sales of the entire series of disks and vinyl records already in the first day after their appearance in mass access.

GTA 5: music exclusive
In the collection "vinyl" there will be 6 colored vinyl records with attributes GTA 5. Supplied with vinyl plates includes a poster with logos and images from the game, which perfectly complement the interior of the playing area. Only 5000 players around the world can boast of such an update.

Collection CD includes 3 drive, branded USB flash drive with logo GTA 5 and an exclusive poster. All collections are elegant visual design and can serve as a wonderful gift for fans of the series Grand Theft Auto.

Earlier news reviews mentioned that the updated port of the fifth GTA 5 will increase the number of DJs who took part in creating the music. This includes Cara Delevingne, Kenny Loggins, DJ Pooh, Twin Shadow, Big Boy, Nathan and Stephen. Their musical masterpieces will be on CDs and vinyl.

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2014-11-05 09:51:07

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