Fan art of GTA: Halloween

Fan-art GTA: Halloween
Recent updated collection of amusing illustrations GTA Fan Art about the previous days to Halloween. There are many wonderful works, among which stood out the several areas, including animated and static graphics, created by talented fans of GTA from scratch.

Fan-art GTA: Halloween
"Can you help me to translate some pranks"asks Julia Scott through its elaborate illustrations with students of Bullworth. They are clearly waiting for a restless night. Creating his creation, the author relied on the memories of Jimmy, Gary and Petey's from the series "Big joke".

Fan-art GTA: Halloween
Fan-art GTA: Halloween Fan-art GTA: Halloween
The work of the author DDJunior were previously published in June. This time he entertained the audience with new miniatures. Their detail he paid special attention to. The most successful places, underlying illustrations, the author thought the southern San Andreas, customs in Los Santos and Liquor Ace.

Fan-art GTA: Halloween
Vintage has become the defining style to create an imaginary film poster on the streets of Vinewood. In his creation, the author AndyFairhurst tried to pass their own vision of the nature of the main characters of the world of Grand Theft Auto.

Fan-art GTA: Halloween Fan-art GTA: Halloween
The illustrations are real pictures of tattoos, which got fans of GTA. On the left picture you can see a tattoo on the leg with the attributes of the game and the developer. This work was sent via MouthOff author who participates in the collection update GTA Fan Art on a regular basis.

On the right-hand picture shows the tattoo of the player Andrea under the nickname fakuro-lady. Tattoo is nothing but a tribute to honor a certain Michael Townley.

Fan-art GTA: Halloween
Proof that art can't be out of date published user Krbllov on DeviantArt. He presented the audience with a few sketches of four years ago, slightly improved colors. The result is a great image showing the semantic autonomy of the virtual world and the consciousness of the author.

Fan-art GTA: Halloween Fan-art GTA: Halloween
At midnight in Sandy Shores living dead terrorized in the virtual world. At this time, the ranks of evil spirits joined Trevor. The illustration on the right belongs to Amanda Burke under the nickname loseranthems, the picture on the left is the player TheDovahBrine participating in the festival Chalk the Block.

Share your illustrations devoted to Halloween and other events, the players on the official page RockStar in Instagramm. Recommend that you send a link to your work e-mail RokStar MouthOff.

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