Video GTA 5: PS4 vs PS3

Video GTA 5: PS4 vs PS3
the Computing capabilities of game consoles PS4, Xbox One, PC has helped to expand the horizons of GTA 5. Especially distinctly innovations appear in the graphic component of the three-dimensional game. Detailed drawing of the virtual environment and the ability to play from the first person will get a new experience, revealing previously unknown facets of an alternate reality.

To give a clear idea about the difference in graphical visualization of GTA 5 on the PS3 and PS4 platforms, staff IGN has published a colorful videosor below.

In one of the expert review, the author tells the story of a very different "live" world of GTA, which managed to put into the new game consoles. The view is truly wonderful, the virtual world "saturated" colors and rich wildlife. Visualization of the gaming environment has no analogues in the whole line of games Grand Theft Auto.

Video GTA 5: PS4 vs PS3
In the last days of the IGN staff are actively testing the fifth port GTA on PS4 and Xbox One. They are able to evaluate the possibilities of multi-user mode with the maximum number of participants to 30 people. In their reviews they describe indelible impressions from passing Deathmathes and other game modes from the first and third person.

One review gamers, conducting testing of the game says that in GTA 5 along with the new mode of the game in the first person and excellent graphics has expanded the possibilities of the underworld. From chaos, lawlessness and hard, but thoughtful, rules of the game for anyone to escape will fail.

The gaming community can only enjoy the colorful reviews of the developer, waiting for the imminent release of the new port of GTA 5, which is a few days left. Recall that the port for the PS4, Xbox One will appear on November 18.

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2014-11-07 10:07:30

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