GTA Snapmatic: the winners

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
In the last two weeks among players GTA competitions were held Snapmatic, dedicated to the celebration of Halloween and the 10th anniversary of GTA San Andreas. After a long wait edition RockStar has identified the most spectacular works. Their authors will receive prizes, which will allow you to stand out in the vast virtual world. In addition the winners will get a bonus GTA $ 1M, which will be useful for the development of the character and make profitable purchases.

the Winners Snapmatic #Trickortreat

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
The author subtly felt the line between horror movies, events in GTA Online and real life. Is to provide professional graphic design in combination with a capacious narrative element.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
Author heathyboy94 depicted in the portrait, the Addams family. His masterpiece's graphic art he titled as "They're creepy and they're crazy". To create the required image had to do a lot of work on design performance. The author carefully selected the area, costumes and imposed appropriate visual filters to the resulting image.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
"Christina" is entitled the artist's work UglyAssTurtle. The burning car as if nothing had happened, goes on the road, scaring.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
Artist chriz-1 designed their own car in the spirit of Halloween. For this we have used the additional features in GTA Online, which were available only on last weekend.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
Illustration of a Happy Halloween!" is one of the earliest works that were sent to the contest #TrickOrTreat. The author of the crew iGrandTheftAuto depicted only peaceful beginning horrifying holiday in honor of Halloween.

the Winners Snapmatic #GTASanAndreas

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
His illustration of the author imsohood-lum titled as "Rochelle-GTASan Andreas". It sparked heated debate in the social community. Basically, they are positive.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
The plot is based on the stage one of the hardest missions in GTA Online. One can only assume what happened with daredevil on a motorcycle, who persistently moving towards the trouble.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
The work titled "Welcome back" is clearly focused on the small details inherent in the expanse of the San Andreas.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
Warm colours of the setting sun made a stunning snapshot of the screen titled "BC Grind". Author SilverFox1 obviously had to work hard to find the right angle and selection of the most colorful landscape.

GTA Snapmatic: the winners
Illustration of "San Andreas Gang Warfare #1" from the author Bjodjus LXG is nothing more than a tribute to the hostility of the gangs Ballas and GSF.

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