GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One: anticipation

GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One: anticipation of the release of
next week the characters in GTA 5 and GTA Online will come to an upgraded expanses of the city of Los Santos and Blaine County. Output port for the PS4 and Xbox One, as previously reported, will be held November 18, 2014, delays are not expected.

With the release of the new port GTA help companies and editorial RockStar on the part of the players would be appropriate. Welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, reviews and other information, allowing to evaluate the new features of the game world. Recall that users will be able to multiplayer mode with support for up to 30 players, game mode in the first person, an updated GUI, and much more.

Testing the new port millions of players will allow you to quickly eliminate the probable flaws in the gameplay to make the game as comfortable as possible and to obtain reliable indicators of popularity. To contact RockStar by two communication channels:
  • Support user products RockStar Games online;
  • Support users by e-mail
Over the past year for the treatment of players has significantly improved the gameplay and to solve many technical difficulties. In particular, thanks to their reviews and recommendations have been carried out to the accrual of additional bonuses RP and GTA $, there is an additional setting for "system damage" transport mode Create Jobs and implemented hundreds of other modifications.

In anticipation of the upcoming release posted a few screenshots capabilities port GTA Online for Xbox One and PS4.

GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One: anticipation of the release of

Up to 30 players in a single session

Now in each game session can be seen almost in 2 times more players. This became possible due to the high computational capabilities of modern video game consoles and "Titanic" the efforts of developers.

GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One: anticipation of the release of

the New look of the Sims

With advanced settings, players will be able to make impressive changes over the appearance of the character. It can be created almost from scratch or to do a little work to change the basic characters in the spirit of fashion trends in Los Santos.

GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One: anticipation of the release of

the Game in the first person

A demonstration of the game from the first person was previously presented in a recent news release. The users will be able to quickly switch between game modes from the first and third persons in the course of the game.

New perspective for viewing the world allow you to experience the incredible feeling in team fights Deathmathes, races and other game modes. Especially eye-catching image can be seen through the use of technology to build high resolution imagery.

GTA 5 for PS4, Xbox One: anticipation of the release of

Advanced functionality Create Tools

The creators of copyright missions Verified Jobs will have the opportunity to design incredibly spacious arena for Deathmathes, Race, and other modes where you can compete in their skills up to 30 people.

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