Team GTA Online: chaos and security

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
In today's release features 6 teams operating in the vastness of GTA Online. The range of their interests is very wide: from mass bloodshed on the streets of a virtual city to the organization of security zones using military equipment.

Each team takes new players. Gaming experience may have a crucial role to join the ranks of the criminal families. A brief look at the activities of each group.

Apache crime family

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
The team leader is the player under nick mr99zied. A key goal of the crew is bringing chaos in a criminal atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto. The unofficial motto is "come one, come all". In practice, it is manifested in the unity of the team. Basic requirements for new participants - the presence of PS3 consoles with Internet access and the absence of desire to harm your team.

Initially, the Apache crew was born on the streets of Los Santos. Riots and chaos in the streets of the city are rarely without their participation. Among the members of the gang meet former military, pilots, members of other gangs.

Legacy crime family

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
Leader - emptySilenceKill. The team is a well trained punitive detachment with a mafia twist. Crew members rely on each other and their allies. Among their main partners are the commands Warri0rs of Mayhem and Slayton Crime Family.

GTA Online Team: chaos and security

The regulators956

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
Leader - Rok3dd. The activities of the players focused on the organization of the security of other teams on a contract basis. They are looking for new allies, think hard about the strategy of behavior and do not allow thoughts of defeat.

GTA Online Team: chaos and security

The uk dark knights

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
Leader - PalmyraSq. The activities of the crew focuses on the creative talents of players to strengthen the team spirit and entertainment.

Team members participate in races on land and air transport, Golf tournaments and tennis, as well as in other competitions and contests. Full scope for expression. Each team member can share their successes on the official pages of the crew in Snapmatic, YouTube, Social Club.

GTA Online Team: chaos and security

Academi pmc

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
Leader - SingingEwe954. Academi pmc - another team of professional mercenaries, guaranteeing the safety of the wards crews. Services for the organization of security will be free, because the main goal of the crew is enjoying the game, not the earnings of the state. To start cooperation with Academi pmc enough to leave a request on the official page of the team at GTA Forums Recruitment Page.

Toys ls

GTA Online Team: chaos and security
The organization is fun and thrilling events specializes crew members. For expression they use all the possibilities of the virtual world in the air and on the ground. A brief overview of the leisure team presented on the video below.

All teams who are looking for recruits, have a chance to get into the next news. For this you need to assert yourself by sending a brief description of the commands, e-mail Rockstar MouthOff. Feel free to provide links and publish the achievements of his team. Photo, video and other evidence of the ordinary activities of the team are always welcome.

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