Update GTA Online 1.17

Update 1.17 GTA Online
has Released a new update for GTA Online is The Last Team Standing. Access to 10 additional missions, organized on the territory of Los Santos and blaine County. Made localized changes in gameplay (gameplay), added new weapons, expanded functionality GTA Creator.

Update 1.17 GTA Online
For the acquisition of new weapons is enough to visit Ammu-Nation. Among the weapons allocated Heavy Shotgun for melee and Marksman Rifle for long. Along with this new mask, pants, helmets and other accoutrements.

Among the vehicles appeared fast bikes - Shitzu Hakuchou and LCC Innovation. For lovers of speed and exclusive design are given access to the Lampadati Furore GT.

Update 1.17 GTA Online
For developers of new vacancies opened a special developer mode - The Last Team Standing Creator. Created mission, where the losing team battle will not have a second chance. Life players can be complicated due to the introduction of restrictions on the weapons used and the space for active activities.

To facilitate the task of the "creators" created manual in pdf format (in English).

Update 1.17 GTA Online
The update will not affect the possibility of relationships with like-minded people. All the contacts are saved through the virtual phone. Now players can take part in the new missions with your friends. The most confident team risk and increase the prize rate. Their size varies from GTA $ 2500 to GTA $ 10 000.

To download the update, simply run GTA 5 game consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 connected to the Internet. When the game starts you will be prompted to start automatic download of updates 1.17. A list of 10 new missions included it below.


Minimum grade 16, 2-8 players.

The action takes place on the local area and inside a house. Due to the limited space direct collision inevitable. Fire enemies from long range will be available in the yard.

Del Perro Freeway

Minimum grade 23, 2-16 players.

Commands appear at the selected end of the line beach buildings. They can immediately go to a frontal attack, or take a walk around, collecting weapons.

Grand Banks

Minimum grade 9, 3-12 players.

Players must be separated by 3 opposing teams who have to keep fighting in tunnels, roofs and narrow aisles. Will still be alive only the best players from the same team.


Minimum grade 16, 2-16 players.

Users are given the choice to drop enemies from the roof or to cross in dirty alleys. Primary weapon - shotgun.

Mount Josiah

Minimum grade 29, 2-16 players.

The mission, organized in the style of the classic game "king of the mountain". The action takes place on the second highest mountain in San Andreas - Josiah.


Minimum grade 9, 2-8 players.

The action takes place in a government facility. The two teams will demonstrate their skills in espionage, as well as in active hostilities on the roofs and Parking lots.

Paleto Bay-Tanks

Minimum grade 29, 2-16 players.

During the confrontation of the two teams will be involved tanks and explosives. At the end of the battle from the city can only ruins remain.


Minimum grade 36, 2-16 players.

One team takes a position on top of a skyscraper, defending using sniper rifles and heavy weapons. The second team will have to beat off a skyscraper using helicopters Buzzard.

Storm Drain

Minimum grade 23, 2-16 players.

Gang violence is in full swing. Two groups actively use explosives and vehicles from motorcycles to tanks.

Tataviam Truckstop

Minimum grade 16, 2-8 players.

Events occur at the Palomino. Limited open space map makes use of heavy weapons as effective as possible.

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