GTA Online «Lowriders» is available

GTA online «Lowriders»
A new update for GTA online "Lowriders" finally became available on ps4, Xbox one and PC! The update brings into play a large number of innovations and, in the main, the Benny's Original Motor Works is the most feature-rich center of tuning in all of Los Santos. the New shop is located in the Strawberry area, South of the Olympic highway, and specializes in "lowriders" modifications of special vehicles, including new, Declassed moonlight - van that allows you to shoot two-handed weapon from the rear doors, and Willard faction.

GTA online «Lowriders»
Each of these six special cars, may be zatonirovany from the stern to the door handles, outside and inside, including chips, hydraulics, external engine tuning, steering wheel, wheels, tires, handle gear change, rings, jewelry in the salon, brand new aerografii, sound systems and much, much more.

GTA online «Lowriders»
Meanwhile, Lamar Davis has developed a cunning plan on the construction himself on the throne lourajderskij scene of Los Santos and it requires faithful guys to punch their way to success. By doing this you will have to become part of the biggest gang in the city, to pull sly tricks and set their own rules with the help of pure power. Never miss a call from Lamar and follow all eight new missions, which you will provide.

New additions to the network gun shops "Ammu-nation" include a new rapid-fire devastating small PP and Machete. And while you're there, why not buy a luxurious new colours for an existing weapon, including the Special Carbine and Assault claims. Rate, also, and the new design of the store, because the owners tried for you.

New Adversary Modes

  • Keep the Pace: keep a certain speed on a complicated way on the track full of jumps and obstacles. If you lose too much speed is going to explode.
  • Offense Defense: two teams of two people divided into "running" and "defender". The task of "running" first to get to the end point of the route. "The defenders", more powerful and faster machines, should not give the enemy "running" to succeed in its mission and, at the same time, to protect his "running" from enemy "defender".
  • Relay: a team race, built, as the name implies, on the principle of the relay. Active players should move quickly to finish the circle, and pass the baton to the next member of his team.
Fourth affordable real estate and, just this week, 25% refund of cost, when buying in dynasty 8

Increase their holdings by adding an additional Garage or new Apartments. Don't miss your chance, unlikely soon so favorable an opportunity to buy a new garage to accommodate his new "lowriders" cars - from today through Sunday, October 25, 8 Dynasty announces one-time 25% refund of the purchase price. Conditions of the promotion are very simple: you only need to confirm your email address in social club to be signed up for the newsletter Rockstar games and to be a member of any gang at the social club.

GTA online «Lowriders»
Rockstar Editor Update: Scene Creator.

Scene editor is a completely new feature that was added in the Director's mode Rockstar editor which allows you to add in your creation unique scenery. Choose from over 200 new decorations (including explosions) and use them when you create the perfect backgrounds for your videos. You will also be able to store up to four ready-made sets to use them later.

And some innovations:

  • New hairstyles, tattoos, clothing and accessories: dozens and dozens of new variations of appearance to fit the style of your "lourajdera".
  • Remote control of a car: now you can use the interaction menu to remotely control the trunk, doors and hood of your car. You will also be able to turn the engine, lights and sound system your iron horse standing outside.
  • Weapons for Free mode: in Free mode throughout the game map, a weapon, in the amount of 200 pieces, which you can pick up and use at their discretion.
  • Changing access modifiers power modifiers power is now more affordable by rank or as a reward for victory in the race.
  • Delete the last: a new racing option, significantly raising the stakes in the race. Now the Creator race can establish certain interval (every 15, 30 or 60 seconds) and the player in last place will be blown up, depending on the set interval.
  • secondary weapons in the editor: all available weapons in the game, except that is not available due to temporary events, can now be used in the editor.
  • Rapid replenishment of ammunition: the new ability to quickly refill your ammo using the interaction menu. Quickly add some ammo to any weapon or just get the maximum amount of ammunition for a specific type of weapon.
  • Purple gang: a brand-new coloring options available in avtomaticheskoi.
  • New emotions: three new emotions become accessible through the menu interaction: "Cock", "Chin" and "no, sir."
  • New mouse controls: in the settings there is the option to choose what to control with the mouse when flying technique: pitch and roll right/left/forward/backward or turn/tilt the plane.

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