GTA Online fan-art gallery

GTA Online Fan-art
As usual in our gallery you will find something unexpected: a tribute to GTA 4 in the form of the pixel art, cute creation of the German artist who created a culinary masterpiece - a Burger Shot sweet menu and also a little thematic makeup which is almost a perfect recreation of the mask from GTA 5, just in time for the upcoming Halloween, and of course fresh fan art from players around the world!

"Tornado" (Top), "Race" (Middle) & "Risky Business" (Bottom) from Igor Stepanov

Risky Business
Artist Igor Stepanov recently joined the DevianART community and almost immediately posted three of his works, simply titled "My first work, inspired by Grand Theft Auto". A very promising debut - arts stylish and stunning classic cars from the GTA universe.

"Sad" (Top), a Albany Buccaneer (Middle) & "Angry" (Bottom) from Mikhail Sharov

Albany Bucaneer
And again a few cool cars made in photographic style. Michael Sharov is a renowned photographer, regularly creating photo collages of real transport, from muscle cars, to sedans and bikes. And he, too, is making no small effort, honing his skills in creating photo-realistic art from the world of GTA 5. Look in his gallery at ArtStation and flickr to appreciate its gallery of both worlds, real and GTA 5, where the line between them seems surprisingly vague. Made with great attention to details and nuances, through the murky veil of heavy rain or, filled with city dust and smog, underground landscape, photo Sharova catch the dynamic motion is significant or dormancy.

GTAV Online Owl Mask and Pig Mask from MaoMaoz

Owl Mask
Pig Mask
Not so long ago you've had the pleasure to see the work MaoMaoz - make-up version of the mask Go-Go-the Monkey from GTA 5. Since then, she's managed to create a couple of make-UPS, this time bringing into reality the bowl of an owl and the pig GTA 5 with, in addition, video, which from beginning to end show the process of their creation. Very useful manual for those who want to create your own unique Halloween costume.

"BurgerShot (Candy Menu)" from Toebi-arts

Burger Shot (Candy Menu)
German artist Toebi-arts shared GTA its an interesting creative project - a real, edible, lunch from Burger Shot is created from marmalade and provided a surprisingly authentic packaging. A little later, the artist has shared on his Twitter the second photo clearly shows the size of this masterpiece, in comparison with a box from GTA 5 for PS4.

the"Franklin" from Mikael Wang

Smoking tyres, a bag of loot over his shoulder, face hidden under the mask Go-Go-Space-Monkey and a gun, directed menacingly in the frame - all this in a dynamic and stylish figure of Franklin, Mikael Wang from DevianART. The drawing is made on the background of blurred neon lights of Los Santos and is striking in every little detail. From unloading a bullet-proof vest and police special forces, equipped with many extra pockets and compartments, beaten to a bullet casing motorcycle Western Bagger and peeking in every tiny detail of the unique style of GTA 5.

"Perhaps Here Things Will Be Different" from Pierre Laurent

Perhaps Here Things Will Be Different
Inspired by the first trailer of GTA 4, the French artist Pierre Laurent made this great pixel art, showing how Niko Bellic calls the police.

Next we have another pair of portraits on-line or character format, which has already become traditional for all artists in the GTA 5 community. What can I say? There is something to see.

GTAV Online Character Portrait from Grobi-Grafik

GTA Online Character Portrait
Another work of the prolific artist Grobi-Grafik, again emphasizing its corporate identity. Just look at this beauty! In this picture everything perfectly, from the white jacket, heroine pictures, her face and posture.

GTA Online Character from Grobi-Grafik

GTA Online Character
And work again Grobi-Grafik, made in a similar style with the previous. The heroine of this picture right such attracts the eye with its big eyes and cheeky gestures and posture.

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