GTA Online «Lowriders» Event Weekend

Lowriders GTA Online Event Weekend
Get ready for the GTA Online "Lowriders" Weekend, which will be held this Friday (23 October) until Sunday, 25 October. In order To properly celebrate the release of the new massive update for GTA Online there will be available new exclusive clothing items, 25% refund of the value of the property, to ensure that you have somewhere to place your new "lowriders" cars. Don't forget, also, about the series of events that includes three new Adversary Modes that will give you the opportunity to get a new weapon, loaded and ready for anything that will appear in your way. And now all this in detail:

Exclusive loretanska baseball caps

What's the point of having a cool, lowriders car, if you have nothing to wear that suit it? But there is a way: hurry up to get cool unique baseball caps decorated with logos of new brands: Magnetics, Low Santos, and of course, with the logo of the place where all the magic happens: Benny's Original Motorworks. You can get these caps only during this weekend, so be sure to login into GTA Online during these three days and get them all. Once you enter GTA Online on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, one of the caps will be automatically added to your wardrobe. Well, if you need any specific baseball cap then look here:

  • Friday: Magnetics
  • Saturday: Low Santos
  • Sunday: Benny's Original Motorworks

25% refund when purchasing 10 local garage

With the release of GTA Online "Lowriders" all players had the opportunity to have up to four different properties, which means that now everyone can have a collection of about forty cars! Clever salespeople from Dynasty 8 offers a one-time refund of 25% of the property value this week. Well how could I resist? All you need to get this discount is to be confirmed by Rockstar service Scial Club email address to be subscribed to the newsletter Rockstar Games and to be a member of at least one of the gang's Social Club. The amount of the refund from Dynasty 8 will be transferred from the Bank Maze on Wednesday, October 28. To fulfill all the necessary conditions you can just login to Social Club. If your account already meets all the requirements, just visit the website of Dynasty 8, in the game, and buy his new property.

Social Club Event Playlist this week includes three new Adversary Mode

The developers have done everything they can to make the access to new modes of warfare: Keep The Pace, Offense Defense, Relay, run as smoothly as possible. If you start GTA Online this weekend, you will see the events icon on the boot screen. Feel free to click on it and you will be taken to the desired menu. Complete the entire list to get an impressive reward.

#lowriders contest shots in Snapmatic $ 1 million in game currency

With such a huge number of aerography, modifications, and other things with which to experiment in GTA Online "Lowriders", there must be a great many Snapmatic photographers who wish to share ie appearance of their new cars. The developers already stated that they look forward to works from Snapmatic bands and talented newcomers, with a picture of their tuning masterpieces. Don't forget to tag your photos in Snapmatic tag #lowriders to try their luck and become one of the five lucky owners of 1 million game dollars.

Bonuses for consoles of the old generation

Of course, Rockstar Games has not forgotten about the players who are still using PS3 and XBOX 360. They also have something to do this weekend. Announced double the reward money and RP for all races. Also, there will be increased frequency of falling supplies on the map, each of which contains weapons, RP and money. Also, during this weekend, all players with the PS3 and XBOX 360 will receive a one-time refund of any machine from Warstock Cache & Carry. To receive this discount, you need to do everything the same as players with modern platforms for obtaining discounts for real estate.

a Raffle in the Social Club, in honor of the dedication "Lowriders"

On the Events page, the official website of Rockstar Games available for the raffle, dedicated to the release of an extensive update of the GTA Online "Lowriders". If you are lucky, you will be able to decorate my car (real car) accessories with the symbols of Rockstar Games and GTA 5, namely: air freshener GTA V, key chains with logos of ROckstar Games and GTA V Zippo lighter engraved with GTA V and a copy of the CD "welcome to Los Santos". And five lucky winners will get exclusive t-shirt and a ROckstar Games sticker. In order to participate in the raffle, you just need to enter your email address and name on the Events page.

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