Grand Theft Auto Online: Halloween Surprise

GTA Online: Halloween Surprise
From 29 October until 16 November, in GTA Online will be available a special (and very pleasant) Halloween surprises, for all the people of Los Santos and Blaine County, playing with the PS4, XBOX One and PC. Especially pleasant is the fact that all prizes, which you manage to get during the event, will remain in your inventory even after November 16.

New cars: Lurcher Hearse and Franken Stange

Lurcher Hearse
Franken Stange
Riding on the roads and highways of Los Santos is becoming more terrible with these two terrible machines. Show your darkest side, driving around in a Lurcher Hearse and Franken Stange. Both these machines will be available for a limited time, as well as twenty new ghoulish Bobbleheads, which can "decorate" the dashboard of a brand new Lowriders vehicle.

New masks and Face Paints

New masks
Make your opponents fear by wearing new terrifying masks available for purchase in the Vespucci Movie Masks. If you with your Crew complete the Heist until November 16, the category "Halloween" masks will be selected by default. 30 new options for coloring the face of your character, also, have become available to help you match the style of Halloween.

New adversary mode "Slasher"

Enjoy the thrill and suspense in complete darkness, in a new intensive adversary mode for up to eight players. Run, hide and fight for your lives in the darkness, while the player who became a Slasher, stalks his prey with a shotgun. Use new Flashlight to find your way through the darkness, if you dare, but be careful not to revial your position, otherwise you turn into a victim in no time. Survive three minutes and you will be given a chance to return the favor to Slasher with your own shotgun.

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