Rockstar Editor Contest: Wanderer

Rockstar Editor Contest
This is the first Rockstar Editor ontest open for all three modern platforms. Now players with PC will be forced to engage in creative confrontation with the hordes of talented rivals PS4 and XBOX One. With the increased level of competition and great prizes that await the winner, each participant will be forced to show what he's capable of, so that his work has been selected as the official video for the song "Wanderer" by Little Dragon.

Besides the fact that this is the first competition for all three modern platforms, it's also the first competition in which the participants will have access to new features Rockstar Editor, added in the update "Freemode Events" such as new Sound Effects, Ambient Tracks and more. Details can be readed in our article about this update.

Creative activity

Little Dragon offered to a community of Social Club, or rather its creative part, to create a music video in GTA 5, which could become the official video for their song "Wanderer". Members of the band, together with the guys from Rockstar Games, will review the work of all the finalists and decide who won. Here are their words about what they need from the clip:

"Entrants are challenged to create a music video using the Rockstar Editor telling the story of a rogue - a very clever double-agent or double-crosser who plays two sides of a criminal enterprise to her or his own advantage."

As for the songs, you could hear it on the air of a new radiostation - The Lab. Listen to it carefully, because in order to have any chance of winning, you need to feel the song, to create your own interpretation of the stories told by the musicians of the Little Dragon.


Now about pleasant: besides the honor and pride you will experience knowing that your own creation became the official video clip of this musical group, the winner will receive a huge number of awesome prizes, including game controller decorated with real gold and bear your personal Social Club ID. The winner can choose between a gamepad for the PS4, XBOX One or G510 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse with 11 programmable buttons, changeable weights and five DPI settings (response time of the mouse), minimum 200 DPI, for precise headshots jewelry, up to a maximum of 12 000 DPI for lightning-fast movements. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to create his next masterpiece, sitting in a comfortable Director's chair with branded logo of Rockstar Games, also decorated with a personal Social Club ID - the throne worthy of a champion. And finally, the winner will receive a Varsity Jacket decorated with logos and symbols GTA 5 is the best proof of his success!

Those who will take second and third place will receive a gift card for $100 at Rockstar Warehouse and an array of luxury items for GTA Online.

How to participate

Very simple. Just create a video using Rockstar Editor on PC, PS4 or XBOX One and publish it in Social Club by the in-game menu. Do not forget to provide the name of your video the word "wanderer" that you've been admitted to the competition. You can do this both in game and via the page "My videos" in Social Club. Here are a few important things:

  • The video have to contain the song "Wanderer" from Little Dragon, as a soundtrack. And only this song.
  • Video length should be between 4 to 5 minutes.
  • The video should be added to the Social Club, under the tag "wanderer" until 11:59 ET, on November 23.
  • Video should be created using only Rockstar Editor. According to the developers, they know many of the Rockstar Editor videos refined using other programs, however, in order to make the contest fair for all participants, they require the exclusive use of the Rockstar Editor.
Little Dragon together with Rockstar Games will choose the winner based on the fulfilment of the conditions of creative tasks, artistry and interesting work, quality and creativity.

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