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Don't forget what the date is today? Or did you not know? In any case, we recall that today marks exactly ten years since you released one of the legendary game of Rockstar Games The Warriors for PlayStation 2 and XBOX. Especially for everyone who remembers that this game exists, the developers dug up in the Social Club community a lot of custom work, inspired by an old masterpiece from Rockstar Games and brought to our attention a collection of missions in the modes "Team Deathmatch", "Last Team Standing" and "Capture". If you are ready to take part in these crazy creations, look for them in Social Club and try to not merge too quickly.

The Warriors 2014 from CBudda-Money (PS3 and PS4 only)

"Present Day Coney Island. You are the new day Warriors. Do you have what it takes to survive this showdown?"

The leader of the gang ColdHeartSaintsMafia, CBudda-Money, created this "Team Deathmatch", held on Coney island, that is among the Rockford Hills. With a wide Arsenal of weapons, from AP pistol and sticky bombs, to the minigun and heavy sniper rifle, everyone will find something in this job. Spawn points are scattered throughout the complex, providing real concrete grinder. I advise you to keep your eyes open and properly covering your team.

The Warriors did it... from sylverskye (Xbox 360)

"Fight your way around the city along the rails to get home to the pier"

The effect of this Capture on four teams, created by the leader of the gang Elite Gamers Club extends across the whole of Los Santos. Teams must capture and deliver the goods on its main base pier Del Perro. Drive carefully, because despite the fact that the main task is to deliver the goods, nothing prevents your opponents shoot you, pick up your parcel and deliver it yourself.

The Warriors Bus Scene from CRIMECOMMANDO (PC and Xbox 360)

"In this recreation of a famous scene from The Warriors, the Turnbull ACs try to steal The Warriors' spray paint and deliver back to their hangout. The Warriors try to stop them but a battered Prison Bus stands in their way."

The Warriors Bus Scene
Commissioner of Kill For Green crew, CRIMECOMMANDO, moved the action of this "Capture" on the Little Bighorn Ave, in East Los Santos to give it the maximum similarity with the mission of "Desparate Dudes" from The Warriors. Grab the guns scattered around the map and head to the base of the enemy team to steal their spray paint. If you prefer to be a camper than to be a fighter, there is a hidden RPG somewhere in the scene - a great thing to blow up enemy prison bus.

THE WARRIORS from True transit-Killa-666 (PS3 and PS4 only)

"Picture perfect Deathmatch in a subway straight from the movie scene itself"

This Team Deathmatch takes place in the underground Parking of the International Airport of Los Santos. The author is an officer of the Meads Familia crew, perfectly created the feeling that you are fighting in the middle of the New York subway. Each team begins the round on a separate site before meeting with the enemy, in a narrow corridor between them. In this battle sticky bombs will become your best friends, because there is nothing more effective in such a narrow space than a series of powerful directed blasts.

The Warriors from TheANDALUZ (Xbox 360)

"Tribute to the film and game of ‘The Warriors"

Created by the leader of the DistrisctAndaluz crew, this Team Deathmatch takes serious hand-to-hand brawl. Grab knives, bats and axes, as quickly as possible to deal with opponents and getting blood on the Sands of Vespucci Beach.

The Warriors, a Gang Brawl from FeHaden (PC)

"Its sometime in the future and the gangs run the streets now. Fight for the pier and take what is yours! CAN YOU DIG IT?!!"

The Warriors, Gang Brawl
The member of VALcrew crew, FeHaden, had created only one custom mission for the PC yet, but this one work nothing like a real deadly gang fight, in the format of "Team Deathmatch". It is located on the Pier Del Perro, to make the scene as similar to the house of a gang of Warriors on Coney Island. The mission is available to a maximum of 20 players, which made it a real grinder, where opponents are trying to trample into the ground the enemies with the blades, crowbars, baseball bats, Golf clubs and nightsticks.

THE WARRIORS LS CHAPTER from oktellmemyname (PS3 and PS4 only)

The author of this Team Deathmatch inspired by The Warriors - oktellmemyname, the leader of The Society We Trust crew. High number of cover options Del Perro Pier keep teams to tactically plan their actions - the ones who running forward at breakneck speed, will be clip out very quickly. Aim for the high grounds to have a greater arc of fire but be careful - if you notice, you will have nowhere to hide.

The Warriors: from crayzesteve ending (Xbox 360)

"After a long trek to the Bronx, you and your crew are glad to be home...only to be hunted by an unwelcoming outfit. Settle the score and put the night behind you. Large scale hand to hand LTS, strut to the fight like gentlemen and back up your pals. Only dirty Luthers pick up the gun. Hardcore Swans pick up the knife"

Сrayzesteve has created a great remake of the final mission of the game the Warriors - "Come Out To Play", on the beach, close to Pier Del Perro. Weapons are not many, so if you are a warrior - act with a knife, and if not so cool, try to get to the gun in the center of the map.

The Warriors from Tetrahedron999 (PC)

This mission is in the same style as The Warriors, a Gang Brawl, which are explained above, however in a slightly different mode. Tetrahedron999 created this mission in the same place, on the Pier Del Perro. You and your team will be forced to fight for the meager amount of weapons scattered around the map. The team appeared closer to the North end of the pier has a good chance to possess o. K, and was born on the South side, should focus on possession of assault rifles, armor-piercing gun and armor hidden near the Eastern edge of the map.

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