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Crew News
With the release of the last update many crews did increased its level of activity, making full use of granted update capabilities. If your gang is fouled on something, what in your opinion is worthy of recognition, contact Rockstar Games via

Low Crew, Low Life

With the official opening of the Benny's Original Motorworks, the citizens of Los Santos seriously began pumping his four-wheeled friends, so as not to lose face at parties and events, organized throughout the southern San Andreas.

Check out this really powerful video. Gang REBL PC created this video using Rockstar Editor to show the world (and of course, competitors) of their new luxury cars, as well as the ability to handle the Machete and Small-PP.

Stylish and colorful video from Ivaneh and the gang Six Star Street Racers where they show off their chic new car, open and close the hood (remotely) and demonstrate the wonders of hydraulic acrobatics.

All want the most luxurious way to ride through the streets of Los Santos, showing off their new orderscom wheels, and Anonamix of a gang of Traffickers is no exception.

Lowly Gentlemen
Around Los Santos gangs are going to huge gatherings in which you only hear a furious roar of engines and dank bit of subwoofers. Of course, a well-known member of the community GTA 5, Lowly Gentlemen, was among them.

Car Meet 1 Car Meet 2
Car Meet 3 Car Meet 4

LOS DEMONIOS – the Saga continues

With the release of Rockstar Editor for GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One, the community increasingly began to appear talented console guys representing their recruiting and other crew videos of the highest quality, fully using the whole Arsenal of new features of Rockstar Editor. Banda Los Demonios MC showed real mastery of drama in this stunning video that describes their mission - to take their proper place in the criminal world of the city. This recruiting video shows this quality, this professionalism, in everything from the voice acting and camera work, to the style and plot that it can rightly be considered the best recruiting video for gang GTA 5. The leader of the gang EPMUSICMAN reports: "In our gang so many talented players, especially in regard to the use of Editor Rockstar on Xbox One. Our gang goes to a whole new creative level!"

Flying Sky Children

Sky gang Children is one of those bands whose friendship in the game quickly developed into a friendship in real life. However, not every player will be able to convince your friends from the game to drop their gamepads and in real life to jump out of an airplane, flying at an altitude of four kilometers, and all that separates them from Terra firma is a broad piece of silk, and positive thinking. Sky Children did.

Party Social Club Mechluvin created this video, titled "A Journey" and combines footage from soul plane sky diving, GTA 5 and real life, with him and his fellow gang starring. The video shows a smooth transition from the thin air above Los Santos and blaine County, to the open skies of Florida, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Expanding the scope of "sky diving" GTA Online since August 2014, this is a band that has in its ranks more than 400 people, has, also, more than 50 real skydivers. In the clip we see several people from the command of the gang, spitting in the face of gravity around the world. Among them redeyejediOgre, DirkDigglerRules, ShReD_Nz, MrNimbus69 (real instructor in parachuting, having more than 1500 jumps), Foo Hurru and the leader of the gang EpicLeftz.

Sky Drivers 1 Sky Drivers 2
Sky Drivers 3 Sky Drivers 4

tournament news Death Dealers

HOT_KIMERA and gang the H0T CLAN is back in business, with his massive tournament between gangs, which involves 32 of the gang, fighting in brutal contests 5 on 5. Look at the standings, if you want to know the results at the moment.

Death Dealers

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