Lowriders Week in GTA Online

Lowriders Week
It's time to show out your cool ride and hit the streets around nice and low - this week GTA Online a lot of awards and bonuses, which will help you assemble the best collection of lowriders and everything connected with them. This week all players will have access to discounts on the purchase of new classic cars added to update the Lowriders, and big drop in the lowriders modifications price in the Benny's Original Motorwroks.

Also, this week will be a lot of opportunities to earn double money and RP for completing in-game events, new cool Getway Hats and the discounts in the Ammu-Nation.

Discounts on cars from Benny

Discounts in the Benny's Original Motorwroks and more

This week, the masters from Benny's Original Motorworks cut the prices on all their services to help you to look the part among the maze of streets of Los Santos. Come by Benny's and get 25% discount on the entire range of classic cars - one for every day in the week. As if that isn't enough, you'll also provide 25% off on all upgrades purchased with a discount car. What are you still waiting for? Here's a schedule of discounts, so you won't get lost:

  • Monday: 25% discount on Voodoo.
  • Tuesday: 25% discount on Albany Primo
  • Medium: 25% discount on Albany Buccaneer
  • Thursday: 25% discount on Moonbeam.
  • Friday: 25% discount on Chino.
  • Saturday: 25% discount on Faction.
And to add to your new purchase of a touch of your own style, Benny's Original Motorworks provides 75% discount on all Bubbleheads. Keeping up with the guys from Bennny's, Ammu-Nation offers players 25% on its range. Arm yourself before the this week events.

Accessories discount at the Benny's

Double awards RP and money this week

Every day this week will be dedicated to its own Events Playlist specifically selected in order to make a real test for both your car and yourself. Each completed Playlist will bring you the double profit both in money and in RP. And on Saturday, if you see Lamar hanging around in the hood, help him to deal with Vagos and Ballas, and again it will get to you a double reward! And on Sunday all added in Lowriders update Adversary Modes (Relay, Keep the Pace, Offence Defense, and Slasher), also will bring you money and RP in double.

Getaway Hats

Unique Getaway Hats
All this week, you will get a new cool Getaway Hat every day, just for the fact that you'are login to GTA Online. Getaway Het will be unique and will only be available in accordance with the list provided below. Don't miss your chance and collect them all!

  • Monday: baseball Cap ‘Strawberry’
  • Tuesday: baseball Cap ‘Magnetics Block’
  • Wednesday: baseball Cap ‘SA’
  • Thursday: baseball Cap ‘Boars’
  • Friday: baseball Cap ‘Davis’
  • Saturday: baseball Cap ‘Westside’
  • Sunday: baseball Cap ‘Eastside’

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