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Rockstar Editor video
Even despite the fact that many talented authors now busy for their work on competition for the group Littele Dragon, in the community Social Club there is still a huge amount of high quality video content created using universal tools of Rockstar Editor. Of course we couldn't help pass by and tell you more about each of the best videos for this month.

Ash (GTA V PC Movie) from Evan Royalty

First on our list today, this 20-minute mini-film created on the GTA 5 game engine. Described by the authors as "a day in the life of your friendly neighborhood hitgirl", this film is about a Hitman named Ash, seeking revenge his employers, double-srossed her after successful completion of the case.

VINEWOOD - A Short Film (Made w/ R-Editor) from Leth MB

In real cinematic fascinating action, couched, moreover, in excellent Vinewood style. We will see the dramatic finale of a long persecution, the last battle between dangerous crime-man and brave police froce. Armed to the teeth, bravely staring death in the face, in the pouring rain, opponents ready to kill or be killed.

RebornLegend I Editor GTA5 PS4 from ProVelvet 67

Lowly Gentlemen and his companion ProVelvet (both not the last people in the Social Club creative community) created the video filled with this mellow style and cool effects. ProVelvet rescues rusty and old Vulcar Warrener from the ignominious death at the junkyard and gives it a new life as a wheelbarrow, which does not hesitate neither the street racers, then leaves it in the sunset.

GTA V Photographer Adventure I from (EG) iAlexBullet

Eminent Snapmatic-photographer, member of the gang Snapmatic Art, AlexSniperBullet invites us on a fascinating journey through the sun-drenched and rain streets of Los Santos and wild forests of blaine County. Splendid photo with sharpness using your skills in Snapmatic and Rockstar Editror, AlexSniperBullet shows us a really fun and rather unique video.

United States of Whatever in GTA V icanteven

Director video icanteven spent almost a whole month to create this video for the song that was once popular on MTV. For interest can find original. Using the features of the Rockstar Editor, the author has created amazing fits the song video series.

The Police - Roxanne from gerard1784

Drawing inspiration from classic hits of the 80's, Gerard1784 created this short dramatic story battered stripper trying to survive in Los Santos. History shows us the UPS and downs, its decision to destroy his way of life and embark on the path of crime.

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2015-11-23 05:21:18

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