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Along with the new wide possibilities of tuning and cars customization, which is currently going on in the Benny's Original Motorworks, GTA Online "Lowriders" update has a new Adversary Modes - Offense Defense, where two rival teams trying to be the first to reach the finish line. In this edition of our "Useful Tips" we will tell you about how to be a winner in the "Offense Defense" as well as two other Adversary Modes, added with the Freemode Events update.

These tips will be especially out of place, because tomorrow you will get double the reward money and RP (read in relevant article). Stay tuned to this section, so as not to skip the secrets through the new GTA Online modes Keep the Pace,Relay and Slasher.

Offense Defense

Offense Defense
This mode supports 2 to 4 teams of two people, each having its own color to facilitate the players orientation in battle. This mode of Warfare based on the passage of checkpoints, the teams will be divided into "defenders" and "running". The task is "running" - the first to reach the end of the route, the task of "defenders", riding on faster and more powerful machines, not to give the enemy "running" to reach its goal and, at the same time, to protect their own "running".

The key to victory in this mode - competent communication. You must be in constant contact with your friend - if you are "running" and you are in trouble, immediately call your "protector". By the way, defenders can't see the checkpoints, which moves the ship, so that should point the way to his "protector" and enemy "defenders" you can cheat by going on one way, and then cutting turned aside, leaving the opponents to prepare their ambush on the wrong track. For playing "defender" should not just follow the route. You definitely need to cut and cheat as you can, in short, to do everything to be at least one step ahead of the enemy. But be careful, choosing a short road - it can get you back where you will not be so easy to get out. If you are not able to throw off the tail, annoying the opponent, here are a few tricks that can help: if you control lourajderskij the car, then applied hydraulics in time can easily rescue you from the clutches. Also you can just salesanalyst at the last checkpoint, which can help you to gain the vital speed and space. A good tactic also, will hang on until the very last minute in second place, avoiding all unwanted attention, which usually experiences the leader of the race. Your "defender" can one accurate shot to take the enemy ship from the route and you will easily take first place.

For playing "defender", don't leave your ship behind him. He is the only one in your team who can cross the finish line. If you can't catch up with the leading "running" will run the spawn and you will automatically find yourself in its vicinity. Also, don't scorn to take a shortcut. This will help you to overtake your opponents and ambush them in the most appropriate place.

Hunting Pack

Hunting Pack
In Rapid convoy mode your task will be to keep the speed all the way to the point of discharge, not allowing the opponents to slow down. In this mode, a big and heavy car booby-trapped and will explode if its speed drops below a certain level. The task of one team is to safely deliver the truck or bus to the finish line, and the other one just to destroy it. Car bomb is pretty slow, but very strong, so the attacker does not have to go it alone, if you want to push the goal out of the way. This coordination is very important for attacking, they have to hit all at once and a powerful blow to knock the aim off the road or be directed to the obstacle. Plan your attack when the target is located on the turn or close to immovable objects. Once mined the truck stops, surround him on all sides, and tighten the hand brake, not allowing him to continue driving.

Driving a truck you should by all means to avoid driving uphill or off-road, as there are many obstacles that can easily knock down your speed. If you are still caught in the trap, the backward movement will give you a small chance to break out of the cycle and continue moving forward. Despite the fact that your GPS will show you the route is not always the best way. You can find another road and, most importantly, try to choose a wide road, where there will be enough place to maneuver if the attacker will try to surround you. Protects the truck must act as a buffer cushion between the truck and the attacker. Reflect a tight formation around your truck and get ready to face the road attacking anyone who dares to get too close. Being a truck driver, you should also keep in your peripheral field of view of the stones, pillars and other immovable objects that may slow down. If playing defensive, you will see that your truck was trapped urgent rush to his aid, pushing opponents and giving the truck a friendly kick to help him gain speed. Just be careful - your kick will not be friendly if you send your truck into a tree or a passing car.

Cross the Line

Cross the Line
The Last feature to run forward headlong and firing in all directions - a sure way to failure. The only way to succeed is to work together as one team, moving intelligently from cover to cover and taking accurate fire. In this mode, the task is to lead your whole team through the neutral strip and deliver it into enemy territory at full strength. Of course, at the same time your task is not to give the enemy team to safely reach your site. If you die, you reappear in their territory and you have to do all the work again, so the key here is teamwork, smart tactics, and communication. Game lone wolf and a mad dash to the coveted line will come to an end because you're stuck in enemy territory without any support. Work team to be sure that all team members have crossed the line simultaneously. If someone from your team will die on the way to the goal, you need to take a position and provide cover fire until, until you are able to regroup.

The battlefield is literally swamped shelters that gives you a good scope for tactics planning. You can move quietly and slowly from cover to cover, moving forward only after making sure the coast was clear. You can also use the simultaneous bypassing of both sides and bring down the enemy a barrage of cross fire. This, as here you have to leave the area without protection, so move quickly as a team and immediately neutralize all encountered opponents. On the map you will find one PP and grenade, which is very convenient to smoke the enemies out of hiding. Try, however, not to run and not to shoot unnecessarily, as this will reveal your location to the enemy. Finally, if the match time expires before any of the teams will overcome the line, then further developments will depend on the selected set of rules (which selects in the lobby).

  • First Line Over to win you will need to crossed the line only one person.
  • Kill All Enemies: all players will only have one life.

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