Thanksgiving weekend in GTA Online

Holiday offer
If you've never heard about Thanksgiving, then you do not need it. All you need to know is that this weekend in GTA Online we expect epic discounts and double reward for all Adversary Modes. Double reward will be given for completing all the Adversary Modes, all players on all platforms will be running a special playlist for PS4, Xbox One and PC, which includes all three variations of the new Adversary Mode "Running Back". Read on for more details.

Double reward money and RP from 26 to 29 November

Castigate its dual deneng and RP reward for completing all the modes of Warfare in GTA Online, on this you have a whole 4 days! The proposal includes both the old and already familiar to all modes, and the most recent arrivals, like "Slasher" or "Hunting Pack", and very fresh and have not really studied the mode of "Running".

You will also be able to participate in a special playlist Modes of Confrontation in all weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC, got it right from the home screen of GTA 5. But if you are already in the game or just want to play with friends or fellow gang member, nothing prevents you to start the playlist via the pause menu.

Black Friday: 40% discount on all real estate and 25% discount on all vehicles

This time Black Friday GTA Online fell to 27 November, don't miss these crazy discounts, available on all platforms (including PS3 and Xbox 360). To ensure that all players have a decent house to host this weekend, shop Dynasty 8 offers 40% discount on all their apartments. What would you'll have something to bring their friends to your awesome party, the cost of transport, also, will be reduced by 25%. Don't miss this unique chance to enlarge your collection of cool cars or buy another mansion with a huge discount!

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2015-11-26 04:22:55

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