GTA Online Jobs: December 2015

GTA Online Custom Jobs
There is so much new in GTA Online recently, including many new Adversary Modes, huge update GTA Online "Lowriders" and so on, the majority of GTA Online players seems to have missed several long-awaited innovations for a GTA Online Creator. The list includes:

  • Added ability to rotate props, which allows creators almost arbitrarily change the position of the used decorations.
  • Extended support of the laying of props, allowing creators to put props into one another and create a hanging decoration.
  • Added the ability to create templates of props, allowing to create groups of sets and use them many times. For example, you can now save multiple ramps that are attached to each other, as a template and use them together, instead of building your props again each time.
Using these new capabilities, a talented and creative players can create any kinds of maps for the parkour, breathtaking race track, passing on the roof and high in the thin air above Los Santos. In this article, stars GTA YouTube community Jelly, TmarTn and others will show you some wonderful creations, creators of custom maps that fully reveal the full potential of new opportunities GTA Online Creator.

Mission: Mega Spiral Corkscrew from Guilherme_94 (PC)
Video: Twister Loopings from JellyYT

Guilherme_94 created their Mega Spiral Corkscrew in the early days, when new features Rockstar Creator had just appeared. This dizzying track in view of the enormous corkscrew, passing high in the sky of Los Santos. Jelly, Kwebbelkop and Slogoman (aka Team Robust), in turn, decided to accept the challenge Guilherme_94 by creating this hilarious video.

Mission: #*SKY DRIVE*# jeyk67 (PS4)
Video: Sky Drive from PetayPanMofo

Sky Drive has become extremely popular on YouTube, since the publication of his exciting videos with the kinds County of blaine. Here, watch this video PetayPanMofo with himself in the lead role and integrated, using Rockstar Editor, the effects of time dilation.

Mission: 80 LINES from Raymond_Calitri (Xbox One)
Video: GTA 5 - GTA Creators Live Competition from Lady Miss 80s

With the tagline: "one mission, 30 minutes, unlimited possibilities" started stream Lady Miss 80s, which brought together the creators of six custom missions for GTA Online and their best work. The winners here were Raymond_Calitri, with its magnificent mission 80 LINES, in which two teams punch their way through the long corridors to the cargo and steal their opponents. Without any cover and having to protect only a heavy sniper rifle, you will need to be fast and to hit only the target. The video contains gameplay of this mission, along with others, participated in the stream.

The Job: Ibiza Morning After from xInsert_Coinx (PC)
The video: PARTY ISLAND - Gameplay GTA 5 from Funhaus

Funhaus and his team will show you the skill flanking maneuvers in this brutal fight to the death, created xInsert_Coinx. He used hanging in the air, the scenery to create the spiral staircase on one of the bare rocks jutting out of the sea on the coast near the Palomino Highlands. Watch the video to see 9 minutes of awesome gameplay, fully revealing all the possibilities and the fun of this custom mission.

The Job: !!!VS RPG. STUNTPLANE!!! from Cranxdk (PS3)
The video: Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer - Part 419 - Planes vs RPGs from TmarTn2

In this slight variation of the mission Stunters vs Snipers, TmarTn2 is sent into the sky to try to deal with a few grenade throwers, standing on the platform high above the Airport in sandy shores. TmarTn2 rightly observes that this work "is much more complicated than you think."

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