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GTA Online Streams
Official streams of GTA Online, this is a very interesting events in which the developers are trying to whet the public interest to the most recent game features by inviting them to play various celebrities as well as people associated with the creation of GTA 5 and GTA Online. And we must say, the invited celebrities are excellent job of the entertainment of the public. Now a little more about the last two official streams GTA Online:


Friday's stream 5 December. Special guests: Jelly, PetayPanMofo, LadyMiss80s and other

All the viewers of this stream could see a dangerous mix of diverse gameplay available in GTA Online: breathtaking jumps and stunts on BMX, violent Captures and fights in Deathmatch mode and many other games mods, about which you can read in our latest article about GTA Online custom jobs. Moreover, the stream has involved not only various well-known guests from the GTA 5 community, but the authors themselves participating in the stream of custom jobs. They showed how to really play their jobs. Also, among the viewers of the stream there was held a drawing of in-game t-shirts.


Monday's stream December 7 (beginning at 05 p.m. ET). Special guest: CURREN$Y

As you probably could hear on radio "The Lab", musician and the author of many soundtracks for games GTA series, CURREN$Y, is not only a big fan of this gaming universe, but also a real fanatic to everything that concerns "loretanska" cars. Of course he'll be terribly pleased, as the developers have already roll out of benny workshop best lowriders wheel, so that the guests of today's stream could squeeze all the juice out of these steel horses in mad races, derbies and a plethora of other game modes. By the way, rumors are flying that this stream will be largely devoted to the new album CURREN$Y "Canal Street Confidential", that adds plus ten to points of interest.

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2015-12-07 04:05:27

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