Fan-art gallery: December 2015

Fan-art gallery
Rate this amazing transformation of a pretty girl into one of the GTA 5 characters - Trevor Phillips. Impressive, isn't it? And this is only part of today's creative collection!

Not so long ago, in previous editions of our "Fan-art Gallery", we have already talked about the impressive make-up-works of such masters as MaoMaoz or JerkyDerpy and today we have someone who can means in this list. British make-up master SammyLovesFossas created on her face an impressive artwork, so realistic that at first glance it's hard to believe that it's just a makeup. Watch this video to see how this beautiful blonde turns into savagery realistic copy of Trevor Phillips.

Sake Tattoo Studio
@rozastc from Athens tattoo Studio Sake Tattoo Studio is recently posted this perfectly detailed tattoo depicting a sinner from the official art for GTA 5 "Stop and Frisk".

Trevor Philips from ringailaART

Trevor Philips from ringailaART
Trevor Philips from ringailaART
An impressive portrait of Trevor, written in charcoal on a sheet 39 of 55 cm - a creation of the artist Audrius Ringaila from Zurich, also known online as ringailaART. With over 20 years of experience in creating black and white portraits, Ringaila States that this portrait is one of the first in which the artist used color. Just look at it. It is not surprising that a professional artist with such experience have created a truly amazing level of detail the portrait. Bravo!


"As you like it?" GTAhaus, he Motorcycho_NZ, points to some similarities between our favorite sandy Shor psychopath and Jack Torrence from the legendary film "the Shining".

High WASTED shorts from vaslegas

High WASTED shorts
The authorship of this bright pink portrait of anti-hero GTA 5 is owned by vaslegas, for whom Trevor "favorite character of all."

Pixel Claude
Pixel artist Hoyb pleased us this stylish portrait of Claude (the main character of GTA 3) is made in a recognizable style nostalgic 8-bit pattern.

GTA Online Character from Grobi-Grafik

GTA Online Character
Another great job from Grobi-Grafik. Amazing attention to detail reflect the explosion in the glass eye glasses and eyes, along with perfectly seasoned style literally brings the picture to him and draw the viewer's eye.

GTA Online Dridman from Krbllov

GTA Online Dridman
Artist Krbllov recognizes that GTA Online its first opyt online games, in which he first felt a real Internet fun, from car chases, explosions and hurricane-force contractions. What he painted on his picture.

Grand Theft Auto V from Remco van de Ven

Grand Theft Auto V
Another dynamic image of the fiery chaos in GTA Online, from the German author Remco van de Ven, combining high-quality game screenshots and their skills of work in Photoshop.

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