Every Bullet Counts Adversary Mode

Every Bullet Counts
Two bullets. One life. No mercy. The list of available Adversary Modes that are available in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One and PC, grew even more with appearing of new mode "Every Bullet Counts" - brutal Last Team Standing in which you have to constantly be alert and always keep your fingers on the trigger.

Four players enter into a deadly battle with each other, without any possibility to hide, in narrow confined spaces, having only a very limited Arsenal: a powerful Marksman Pistol with two bullets, with which help you should bring down three enemies. When your ammo will come to an end, you will need to use all your skills in the use of bladed weapons, so that, using only a Hatchet or a Machete, to become the one survivor.

Sudden strike
In this mode, you'll need to show your real battle face, as it'll require participants specific skills, such as marksmanship, stealth and the proper timing. Campers and lurkers will have to do their best: anyone who will stay in one place for more than 5 seconds will give to the enemies his location by highlighting on the minimap, making it an easy target for the more reasonable players who are wisely moving from cover to cover.

The Every Bullet Counts Adversary Mode is held in several new locations, previously inaccessible in GTA Online. For example, Michael's mansion in Rockford hills and the Tequi-la-la nightclub.

Meet your destiny
There is something to help players to get used to the new Adversary mode. Rockstar Games has launched a new Playlist, which enables you to play on all new maps at a time, with a single press of a button on the start screen of GTA 5. Waiting until a popup hint when you enter the game that instantly transports you in the middle of online battles.

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2015-12-09 07:12:16

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