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Big men and other bandits
Become VIP and create your own powerful criminal organization! All this will be possible with the new update for GTA Online "Executives and Other Criminals". The update adds everything you need for a truly luxurious life, and also widely customizable new apartments, new stilt houses in Vinwood Hills and finally a super-luxurious, extravagant, equipped with everything you need and ample upgrade opportunities Super Yacht.

VIP players making their own shady dealings will have access to new co-op missions, Events, and special abilities in Freemode, as well as a unique opportunity to hire other players as personal bodyguards. The players hired as a bodyguards, in turn, will receive regular salary and special bonuses, including RP, in-game currency and characteristic's boost.

Organizations will compete with each other in Freemode or new missions, which will require a new attacking tools added to the game. Including new armoured vehicles, the limousine with the mounted turret and install PRO on the Super Yacht which comes complete with its own auxiliary transport means, such as a new helicopter SuperVolito Carbon and water transport.

Some of the existing Freemode Events will automatically adapt if they played by organization, providing brand-new tactics for victory in King of the Castle, Moving Target and other. Also there is new Extraction Adversary Modes, which is about to add into the game with new update. In this mission a team of bodyguards will have to find and rescue the boss that crashed on the plane before the enemy team of killers get to him.

Update "Executives and Other Criminals", also adds many new gameplay features, weapons, cars and much more. The update is planned to be released on December 15 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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2015-12-11 07:52:19

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