The secrets of success in GTA Online

the Secrets of success in GTA Online
In the latest edition of our ever-heading "Secrets of a successful gameplay GTA Online" we will tell you how to dominate your foes in the brand new Adversary Modes "Every Bullet Counts" and "Running Back", how to survive and win in the "Slasher", as well as several well-proven tactics for "Keep the Pace" and "Relay" from recent updates GTA Online "Lowriders".

Every Bullet Counts

Every Bullet Counts
As is immediately clear from the title, "Every Bullet Counts" you won't be allow to shooting much in this game mode. When you have only one life, one melee weapon and two bullets for your Marksman pistol, your every decision and every shot must be thoughtful out and calculated. This mode is just for those who play cautiously and shoot only for sure.

Remember that in this mode too long standing will reveal your location to enemies, so to sit in ambush and wait for the right moment to attack - not the best tactic. However, if you're smart enough, you can use this feature for their own benefit: try to stay in place long enough to attract the enemies to you by the highlight on the minimap, and then at the last moment disappear from view and attack unsuspecting enemies. Another very important thing is a height indicator on your HUD, which will allow you to see the illuminated position of players relative to you. Don't forget that while you don't see in you not firing, so avoid the first few minutes of the game and let others do all the dirty work. When you fight, your full Arsenal and full health will give you the best chance to become a winner in the round. You can even count the shots to know exactly will your opponents ammunition when you will attack. If during your attack had survived more than one player, try to save your ammunition for the final blow.

If you shot all the ammo in the beginning (this also happens), don't forget to pick up objects marked on the map. You can also search the corpses. But be careful, opponents can wait for someone who will scour the search for more ammunition, and then nothing they will not bother to use their ammo on you. In case you have no other choice but to use melee weapons, then you should attack as much as possible in narrow spaces and attack is always unexpected - it will increase your chances of winning.

Running Back

Running Back
It's time to ride your iron horse and take part in one of the newest Adversary Mode in GTA Online - Running Back. This mode is nothing but a crazy blend modes "Cross the Line", "Hunting Pack" and "Offensive Defense". Can imagine, what it is? The attacking team must break through the yards and the defenders to get to the finish area in the opposite end of the map.

Playing for Protection, it is best to leave one player as a kind of "goalkeeper", in case the attackers will break through the main line of defense. Standing in the front line should work as a team to close as many holes in the defense. You can even build your whole team on the very threshold of the finish area, to prevent any attempt of a breakthrough. This tactic does not give you the right to make mistakes, but it gives you more time to coordinate your actions before the attacker reaches you. Another good tactic is the following: to nail to a wall Running across the crowd and put pressure on the hand brake so that he couldn't move. If the match takes place on the bridge, you can even try to throw it down the fence, which would mean instant victory for your team. It is preferable to concentrate on his team at Running back and to ignore the other members of the enemy team.

The attacking team should focus on defense, Running and creating opportunities to break through enemy defenses. To do this, surround your Running protective ring. Make sure that each of your team blocks a Defender, cannot be left alone even for one - it gives the enemy team more opportunities to attack your Running back. The running back should stay slightly behind, waiting for the moment to break through. As soon as such a moment would seem it needs to stay as close to the center of the map. Approaching the edges of the card will reduce the chances of a breakthrough and will increase the chances of a full block by the defending team. If you didn't, uh, try to step back and try to break through elsewhere. Try to surprise the opponent, changing tactics each round, creating a defensive line and creating a comfortable road to breakthrough Running.


This mode requires concentration, precision and strict control over his own fear. At zero visibility you will have to use touch, hearing and own instincts in order to survive. Those who have played this mod know that the Slasher starts each round armed with a shotgun and has three minutes to take down armed only with a flashlight and hiding in the darkness victims. Three minutes later, the game changes completely - the victim also gets the shotguns and the Slasher himself becomes a victim.

Being one of the victims appreciate the darkness. Instead, all too often, use a flashlight and reveal your position, try to use the radar to navigate the map. If you play with a gamepad you will feel how it vibrates stronger the closer the Slasher to your position. Use this to avoid unwanted meetings. If you're going to change position, do it before the vibration of your controller will become permanent, otherwise the Slasher easily you will be noticed and it will all be over. Remember that time plays on you - eventually you'll get your gun and be able to quickly understand the Slasher, so it would be wise to hide and stay quiet, instead of blindly move around the map and asking for a good portion of the fraction from the Slasher. While you're unarmed, the best tactic is to scatter around the map. To keep everything together is very risky. As the cherished only three minutes pass and you and your crew get your gun, on the contrary you should stay as close as possible to each other. Two guns are better than one! You can use one of your players as bait. When the Slasher pursues him, it will be very easy to meet the shot with a shotgun.

Playing a Slasher, remember that the clock is ticking, you need to do everything in your power to kill all victims for the allotted 3 minutes. This mode is designed so that the victim can hear the voices of all the players in the match, unlike the Slasher. You can try to fool them, suggesting, allegedly on behalf of the victim to meet at a certain place on the map. Naive victims will come back and then you will be covered! This tactic suitable for playing with random people. Your friends most likely will easily solve this trick. At other tactics you can make noise into the microphone, distracting victims - and may well work when playing against friends. These jokes sound may not work, but try, certainly worth it. To really surprise your opponents, switch to shotgun for machete covert attack. Victims expect a bullet in the head, and not stabbed in the back.


The rules of this mode is really very similar to a real relay. Players must pass each other to finish the race, lap after lap.

With equal racing skills each team, the most important in the Relay is the time of the transfer "sticks". When you finish your circle and reach the Parking lot, move to the end, and watch out for approaching racers. When you see your actual teammate, finishing your circle, click on full. With sufficient practice, you will be able to leave the Parking lot just at the moment when your friend will call her and you will begin your circle with all the speed that will give you a small advantage. Competent communication in a team is very important thing in this mode. If you just tell the team that soon will have finished the circle, this will help you better prepare to pass the baton. If you doubt the teammate you should be careful: if you leave the Parking lot too early, before the previous player reaches the Parking lot, you will have to return to start your circle. As you know, this delay can easily cost you a victory. Finally, the monitoring team via "spectator Mode" will allow you to better learn the race route, the turns and the location of control points.

Keep the Pace

In this mode you will need in whatever was to keep his speed no matter what will be on your way: steep turns, jumps, obstacles. Otherwise you will literally explode.

The minimum speed will increase with every round and you have to adapt your tactics with each completed checkpoint. If you plan to play dirty, push your opponents off the road and was unfairly undercutting them, it is better to do it on the first lap, when you still have the right to be wrong. Later during the race use for their dirty plans trampolines: even a small push right before the jump would be enough to lead to fatal consequences. More honest drivers should not neglect the brake pedal to break the distance with their more aggressive colleagues. Remember that the race could easily end for a long time before anyone reaches the last checkpoint. Play more thoughtfully and not strive in all haste to the first place. Cornering tactics will also be different from traditional races: while in a normal race it's always better to reduce the time of passage of turn, in this mode, it can lead to collisions or drifts, which will reduce your speed and you will not have time to re-recruit her.

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