Executives and Other Criminals

Executives and other criminalss
Update "Executives and other criminals" adds new possibilities for criminal income for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, offering players a unique opportunity to create their own criminal organization, recruit other players and prove their superiority in the fierce competition in the Freemode. In addition there is some new estates became available in the Los Santos: stilts houses in Vinwood hills, a huge penthouse apartment in Eclipse Tower with a fully customizable interior and of course a luxury Super Yacht, equipped with everything necessary for a real criminal boss. Also with the update were added new armored vehicles, two new guns and much more.

Become a boss

Players having over a million dollars in their Maze-bank account can now create their own criminal organization, with the ability to hire up to 3 players as bodyguards. All players will have access to a new SecuroServ feature in the Player interaction menu, allowing you to create your criminal family and become a real boss.

Steady work

Players willing to serve as bodyguards of one of the new bosses can look for he job in the SecuroServ by putting their status as "looking for work". The boss can keep the guns and ammunition for members of his organization, and also order new vehicles, including a new Turreted Limo and various special services, like Ghost Organization that allows the entire organization not short time to disappear from radar.

Joining the organization as a bodyguard means that you will get a regular salary of 5 thousand's of game dollars, as well as extra RP for the execution for the boss work and boss events in Free mode. However, all the money earned by a bodyguard player for completing missions while not working for the organization (for example completion of Freemode events) transferred straight to the boss. Bodyguards also get additional bonuses such as fast regeneration of health points, frequent bonuses to RP and boost all of the character characteristics, when you are closer to the boss.

New games and events

New games and events
The boss jobs is the common name for six new game modes available in the Freemode. Now more about each of them:

Hostile Takeover - in this event, the unknown cargo is in the middle of the forbidden zone. The task of the organization is to reach the cargo and deliver it to the destination. Sounds not difficult, but it's misleading. For example, when "load" is a tank located in the middle of the Fort Zacundo, the situation might become hot very quickly.

Asset Recovery - this gamemode will take you and your organization to the police station, to return the confiscated transport. The main objective in this game mode will be to free the transport from the clutches of the law and deliver it to the designated place until the cops and other players in the session destroy your property.

Piracy Prevention - attacks and protection on the deck of a luxurious yacht. The defense team appears on the yacht, and the attackers appear on the shore near the boats, helicopters and jet boats ready to rush to the attack and capture the vessel.

The Executive Deathmatch is a duel of competing organizations in the Deathmatch style in Fre mode where each boss has just 10 lives.

Executive Deathmatch
The VIP challenges Freemode event available for the members of the same organization. At the moment there are six of such tests, including:

Most Wanted - all members get 5 wanted stars. After 10 minutes, the last surviving player become the winner.

Market Manipulation - all the convenience stores are displayed on the map. The players' task is to follow from one to the other and loot as much money as possible. After a specified time, the player with the most money will wins.

Auto Buyout - the task of the players to steal as many cars as possible. Each machine has its value level that will be displayed, when you get inside. The winner is the player with the highest values score at the moment when the time runs out.

Yacht Life

Yacht Life
All players will be able to buy one yacht on the Docktease website. The basic functions of the yacht is a floating luxury apartment, fully equipped with crew, including the captain, with whose help you can move a yacht between 12 scenic sites scattered around Los Santos and the Blain County, and a personal bartender who will serve drinks to you and your guests. Choose between many different designs, for example the high-end design, with Jacuzzi and various means of transportation: helicopters and various watercraft. Name your new ship, give it personality by using the flag, the many options for coloring and lighting schemes. Each boat is originally equipped with a anti-air defense system that will help you to defend against attacks from rival organizations or simply players who, to his misfortune, decided to try their luck on your property.

Other New Features

Other New Features
  • 10 new stilts houses in Vinwood Hills available for purchase. Each is equipped with a 10-car garage and Heists Planning Room.
  • 3 new apartments in Eclipse Tower, with 8 interior options, are also available for purchase.
  • 10 new cars, including the Turreted Limo, and 6 new executives cars, with their armored versions.
  • 2 new helicopters: SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon
  • 2 new gun: the Heavy Revolver and Switchblade. Both are equipped with two options for a VIP and for a bodyguard.
  • Added the ability to purchase the fifth garage or apartment.
  • New clothing and accessories, including Robes, Smoking Jackets, Pyjamas and Swimwear
The Executives and other criminals update also brought in a new Adversary Mode Evacuation. The team of bodyguards must find, protect and safely deliver their boss crashed on his plane before the killers get him first.

New Custom Avatars on Social Club

Now you can take a picture of yourself or take a selfie of your character in GTA Online and use this image as a Social Club avatar. By the way, it is possible to do it not only with your online character, but also with ne of the storyline charactersor with any photo you already have in your Snapmatic, except those that were withdrawn before may 2015. Also the photo with meme text won't be available. By the way, don't miss the new official art , on Executives and other criminals. You can do it here.

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