«Executives and other criminals» Weekend

Executives and ither criminals
This weekend you will have the opportunity to increase the income of your criminal organizations in GTA Online. The big bonuses for getting $GTA and huge discounts will be available this weekend as part of the "Executives and other criminals" weekend. No matter whether you're a new boss or a bodyguard, you need every penny you can steal, beg or earn, to climb to the top of the SecuroServ food chain. This weekend the developers give us the opportunity to get a Super Yacht or new stilts house in a luxury quarter of Vinwood Hills or even your own criminal organization much faster. Range of "Executives and other criminals" weekend includes many ways to obtain double $GTA awards, RP bonuses, as well as significant discounts on a variety of tool that can help you to become a real big boss or make a name for yourself as a true bodyguard.

Double reward for Adversary Modes, including the new mode "Extraction"

Like any business (legal or not), the expansion in the criminal world of San Andreas requires a serious investment. This weekend the most lucrative ways to earn some money will be Adversary Modes completing. As usual, there is a new playlist, which includes new Adversary Modes "Extraction" - you will be able to take part in it by pressing just one button on the start screen of GTA Online. The new regime is the best place where you can hone your skills as a bodyguard. In it you together with a team of bodyguards have to save your boss from the crash site of the aircraft and deliver him to the extraction point. Your opponents will be a team of killers, whose task will be to destroy the boss and all who stand in their way.

Double award for Sea Races

Sea Races
With GTA Online "Executives and other criminals" update the super-yacht became available to buy. To prepare you for adventures on the open seas, the developers have doubled the reward amount of money received from all sea races. This extra money will come in handy for upgrading your new super-yacht, no matter whether you have a standard Orion or Aquarius super-expensive, bundled with a Jacuzzi and a new helicopter SuperVolito Carbon.

Up to 50% discounts on armor, weapons, ammo and more

Heavy Revolver
Reduce your costs with a huge discount of 50% on a large variety of equipment that can protect you and your boss. Discounts available for body armor, bulletproof tires and vehicles armor, so you don't have to worry that you'll be shot in your car (after all, in GTA Online it happens all the time). All these you can put on 10 new cars added this week, including Imponte Nightshade, Declasse Mamba, Verlierer Benefactor Bravado and Turreted Limo.

If you are worried about how to keep intact your super-yacht, don't miss 50% discount on RPG Rockets, which will undoubtedly help you in Piracy Prevention, Executive Search or any other new game mode. Those who need new weapons and plenty of ammunition, will find useful that 50% discount on a Sniper Rifle (perfect for killing the boss from a distance, without meeting with his heavily-armed bodyguards), ammo for the new Heavy Revolver. Those who wants to make their weapon musch more unique will enjoy a 50% discount on all weapons engravings.

Finally, to help you to get your own super-yacht, will be available 25% discount on the entire range of Services Docktease website.

Take part in Snapmatic #executives Contest

Since it is almost impossible to fully enjoy expensive purchase, without posting it in a social network, take a few photos of your purchases then add it to Snapmatic with the hashtag #executives to participate in the contest. The authors of the five best pics of their new toys, from the number added in the update is "Big people, and other bandits" will receive $1000000 in-game cash which will be useful to buy a yacht or new apartments. Suitable photos should be added to the end of Sunday 20 December. They should contain any content of the updates "Great people and other bandits" vehicles, weapons, boat and the like. Don't forget to add photos to the hashtag #executives in the Social Club. Read the complete contest rules to boost your chances of winning.

the Draw among users of Social Club

Epsilon Paperweight
If you want to add to their in-game attributes a luxurious and dangerous criminal life with something material, go to page Social Club Events Page right now to get a chance to win a gift bag, perfect as a present for a close person or a favorite. The gifts included chrome Zippo lighter engraved with GTA 5, perfect to celebrate the purchase of your new apartments in GTA Online a good cigar. Criminal organizations players open access to a large amount of new clothes for bodyguards, why not try on this style by winning the Grotti Polo shirt or classic hoodie black GTA 5. In addition to the list of raffled items include fridge magnets, paper holder Paperweight Epsilon, kitchen timer and more.

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