New Year and Christmas holidays in GTA Online

Festive bonuses in GTA Online
Extremely rare for Los Santos weather phenomenon - a real snowfall that covered the city with its gleaming white cover and the Beast's roars loudly declares that Christmas and New Year won't be quiet and peaceful. New Adversary Mode Beast vs. Slasher is now available in GTA Online on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The team of Beasts, possessing superhuman strength, needs to get out of the clutches of the advancing team of Slashers. To give the Beasts some chance, the creators of the mode not only gave them supernatural speed, but also ablility to jump through buildings and temporary invisibility.

Beast vs. Slasher
A team of Slashers, in turn, divided into three groups: Demolition armed with RPGs, Heavy, armed with miniguns and Assault, armed, for the first time in GTA Online... Railguns! And as if all this impressive arsenal is not enough, Slashers equiped with thermal vision, which should help them to find hiding Beasts. Each team can have 4 to 10 players, and each of them have to constantly move and work closely with teammates to lead his team to victory in this new Adversary Mode.

Snowfall, fireworks and new Declasse Tampta

Snowfall and fireworks
Today, a rare phenomenon of San Andreas - snow will surprise the citizens of Los Santos and blaine County on all five platforms, so we warmed in your new Santa suit and rush to the street, enough to pile up snowballs. All players will get an early present from Santa - a Rocket launcher for fireworks and five rockets for it. Just what you need to with noise to celebrate the coming holidays! By the way, you will find even more gifts under the Christmas tree when login in GTA Online on Christmas day.

Declasse Tampa
Another news: in the range Southern San Andreas Super Autos there is a new coolest muscle car Declasse Tampa available on the PS4, Xbobx One and PC.

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2015-12-24 05:26:01

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